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Letter: No uranium in Utah

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It is disturbing that we are considering the disposal of depleted uranium in Tooele County. What is proposed is not, in fact, disposal, but merely handing the problem to future generations, as we seem prone to do. EnergySolutions' Clive facility is wholly inadequate for handling this toxic material. For the sake of those who follow us, this increasingly toxic stuff must be handled with more care than a cat doing its business in a litter box.

We in Utah are favored with the fragile remnants of long past civilizations who lived in a delicate balance with their environment and left geologically ephemeral traces of their existence. The proposal that we leave evidences of our inability to responsibly manage our affairs, barely buried beneath shifting sands, endangering others for millions of years, is unconscionable. The short-term financial gain — fleeting at best — is little compensation for a legacy of dangerous pollution.

No depleted uranium in Utah — not now, not ever.

Mike Abdo