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Family of five found dead in Springville

SPRINGVILLE — A family of five were found dead in their home Saturday, after the Springville Department of Public Safety responded to a call from a concerned family member shortly before 8 p.m.

The family members were identified only as a father, 37; a mother, 36; and three children ages 14, 12 and 11.

Springville Department of Public Safety Lt. Dave Caron said the family member discovered the bodies after going to the home on 900 South near 1000 East to check on the family.

"They said they had spoken with the family earlier this morning and hadn't heard from them and stopped by," Caron said. "When they went in and found the five of them, they immediately called us."

Although carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected, Caron said none was discovered by authorities and the cause of death remains unknown. Still, he said, traces of the deadly gas may have dissipated.

"So far, we found nothing that would indicate cause of death," Caron said before crime scene investigators and the medical examiner's office arrived. "We'll look to see if we can determine if there was any sort of foul play."

Authorities secured the scene and checked to ensure it was safe to continue the investigation inside, according to a department statement. It is not believed there is any danger to the neighbors or to the community, the statement said.

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