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Letter: Constructivist curriculum

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The Common Core requires that only the constructivist philosophy be used in teaching. This is the same philosophy that has already been pushed by curriculum gurus for decades, and is precisely the reason scores are low.

So if you want true improvement, and real critical thinking skills fostered, you don't want the constructivist approach that Common Core is forcing. It is not the new way. It is the same old way that has never worked, but they keep repackaging it saying it will teach "higher level thinking." The tragedy is that it doesn't do what they say. It's just more convoluted.

Common Core is not "state" led. States can't change anything in Common Core, let alone local parents or educators. The state can only add 15 percent, of which none will be tested and will therefore be largely ignored. Common Core was created by two private groups based in Washington, D.C.: NGA and CCSSO, with private money. The only two teachers on the committee rejected it. Then federal law turned it into the government "standard" curriculum.

David Cox