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Book review: ‘Becoming the Boss’ offers guide for leading in the workplace

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"Becoming the Boss" is by Lindsey Pollak.

“Becoming the Boss” is by Lindsey Pollak.


"BECOMING THE BOSS: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders," by Lindsey Pollak, HarperBusiness, $16.99, 303 pages (nf)

"Becoming the Boss" by career expert Lindsey Pollak is a timely, comprehensive leadership guide aimed at assisting members of the millennial generation — those born in the 1980s and 1990s — to navigate the changing professional world, develop leadership qualities and climb the corporate ranks.

While classic leadership literature has expounded on developing influence, managing team members and propelling business, "Becoming the Boss" profoundly examines the cultural differences between various generations and how millennials can best use their traits to succeed as leaders. Delving into such topics as building a personal brand, networking in the information age and tailoring communication styles to various situations, Pollak successfully spins age-old career advice to make it applicable to a younger generation.

The book is a conversational, entertaining read, broken down into sections on learning, leading and lasting in the workplace. Pollak practices what she preaches, frequently sharing firsthand examples of when managerial best practices have succeeded. Supporting advice from successful millennials, younger members of Congress and experienced CEOs gives readers further insight into the corporate world and the skills that are needed to lead in the ever-changing workplace.

The book is dotted with side boxes that highlight current workplace trends, mobile apps to assist with workplace management, ways to approach various conversations, and relevant advice from millennial leaders. The concepts are presented in short, digestible chunks that make each chapter easy to both understand and apply.

Not only is "Becoming the Boss" an excellent read for millennials seeking to move into management positions, it also serves as a strong guide for members of previous generations who struggle to understand and work with their younger co-workers. Pollak examines the traits and business practices of each generation, giving real-world examples that demonstrate how to bridge the cultural gap in professional relationships.

"Becoming the Boss" may be one of the most relevant books on leadership available because of Pollak's astute insight and applicable approach.

The book has no offensive language, violence or sexual content.

Pollak is scheduled to speak to MBA students at Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management on Friday, Sept. 12.

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