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National Edition: Family flexibility, parenting skills and images from the Holocaust

Take a look at this week's Deseret News National Edition, when your family needs to know more.
Take a look at this week's Deseret News National Edition, when your family needs to know more.

Segment 1:

There's no such thing as an average American family in 2014, at least in the details of family structure. Nor does a "typical" mom exist, according to new research. Deseret News reporter Lois Collins discusses the research from the Council on Contemporary Families.

Employer support and flexibility can not only keep employees happy, but also their families. Additionally, these factors may influence whether an employee's spouse wants the employee to continue working for that organization, according to a study by a Utah State University researcher. Merideth Ferguson discusses her research.

Segment 2:

To have strong, viable communities, we must have strong families. The nonprofit foundation Uplift Families is dedicated to providing resources for parents that can improve parenting skills. It is also the initiative of Utah's First Lady, Jeanette Herbert. She provides details about the Uplift Families Conference Sept. 13 at Thanksgiving Point. Visit for more info.

Earlier this year the stars of Duck Dynasty were awarded the Faith & Freedom award by Movieguide. The Robertson family has never shied away from sharing their strong beliefs. In fact, this summer Willie and Korie Robertson shared their faith on the Big Screen. Andrew Wittenberg visits with them about that experience.

Segment 3:

Images from the Holocaust are hard to look at, but in the words of the woman you're about to meet, people should have the courage to look and remember. Dave McCann shares the incredible journey of Eva Schloss, the step-sister of the inspirational Anne Frank.

It's never easy to accept the difficulties life throws at us, but having a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world. Carole Mikita shares an inspiring story about how attitude, hard work and determination made a world of difference for one young lady.