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LDS Church releases dates of temple openings in Indianapolis and Peru, 3rd and 4th of 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson said in October that he expected to dedicate or rededicate five new temples in 2015.

Seventeen days into the new year, he effectively has checked the boxes on the first four.

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Saturday that public open houses and dedications of new temples in Indiana and Peru will be held this summer.

The Indianapolis Indiana Temple and the Trujillo Peru Temple will be the third and fourth new temples to open in 2015. Last month, the church announced open house and dedication dates in the spring for temples in Córdoba, Argentina, and Payson, Utah.

The public open house for the Trujillo Temple will run every day except Sundays from May 8 through May 30. A cultural celebration is scheduled on June 20 and the temple will be dedicated in three sessions on June 21.

The Indianapolis Temple will be open to the public every day except Sundays from July 17 through Aug. 8. A cultural celebration is scheduled Aug. 22 and the temple will be dedicated in three sessions on Aug. 23.

During the church's April 2014 general conference, President Monson said the LDS Church would take a break from announcing plans for new temples to concentrate on completing the 28 temples already announced or under construction.

President Monson announced the Trujillo Temple in 2008 and ground was broken in 2011. He announced the Indianapolis Temple in 2010 and ground was broken in 2012.

The first two of the 28 remaining temples President Monson referred to in April 2014 were completed and opened later that year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Phoenix.

In December the church announced the 2015 openings of the Córdoba and Payson temples.

The Córdoba Argentina Temple will be open to the public April 17-May 2 except Sundays. The temple will be dedicated May 17.

The Payson Utah Temple open house will run from April 24 through May 23. The dedication is June 7.

The opening of those two temples will whittle the punch list to 22 announced temples not yet completed.

The fifth temple to be dedicated or rededicated in 2015 may be the Mexico City Mexico Temple, which is undergoing major renovations. Renovations at the Montreal Quebec Temple also are progressing.

Among the closest new temples to completion are the Tijuana Mexico Temple, the new Provo City Center Temple and the Rome Italy Temple, but none are imminent.

Six other new temples are under construction, in Philadelphia; Hartford, Connecticut; Sapporo, Japan; Paris; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Meridian, Idaho.

Construction has not begun in earnest in Fortaleza, Brazil, but ground has been broken.

Ground has not been broken for 12 announced temples — Concepción, Chile; Lisbon, Portugal; Urdaneta, Philippines; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Barranquilla, Colombia; Durban, South Africa; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Star Valley, Wyoming; Tucson, Arizona; Arequipa, Peru; Cedar City, Utah; and Rio de Janeiro.

The Córdoba Temple is the second in Argentina, which has 380,000 LDS Church members.

The Payson Temple will be the 15th in Utah and serve approximately 22 LDS stakes from Spanish Fork to Nephi, or about 78,000 Mormons.

The Indiana Temple will serve 25,000 Latter-day Saints in Indiana and eastern Illinois.

The Trujillo Temple will be the second in Peru and serve more than 88,000 LDS in and around Trujillo.