America has always been known as the land of opportunity; generations of people have flocked here for better opportunities for them and their families. With that wonderful dream and the possibility of success, people very soon learned that they also had to work hard for what they wanted. That concept seems to be lost on today's younger generation.

There are many, however, who have been taught that they have to sacrifice what they want now for what they want most. This is still the land of opportunity; there is work involved with achieving a dream.

We have seen over and over that when people are handed things, it profits them nothing. President Obama will leave his office in a few years, and he will pat himself on the back because of what he thinks he has done for others. In reality, he has fostered the thirst of entitlement, which is never satisfied.

The tried truth is that you work for a dream; you sacrifice what you have now for what you want in the future. Making higher education free is not the answer for the people of today who are floundering in life.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake