It could lead down that road and whatever that school that is, I think that would be a phenomenal experience for them. – Porter Gustin's father, John Gustin

When Brighton linebacker Osa Masina, one of Utah’s top prospects, makes his announcement of what college he’s attending Friday, a former rival may take a special interest.

Over the course of last summer’s camp circuit and all the way to the U.S. Army All American Bowl earlier this month, Masina and Salem Hills linebacker Porter Gustin have developed a friendship that may lead to them playing together at the next level.

Masina and Gustin are the state’s top two prospects and both hold offers from schools like USC, Oregon, Notre Dame and many, many others. Some scouting outlets have even designated them as five-star recruits.

According John Gustin, Porter's father, the two began their friendship last summer at The Opening camp in Oregon.

“They were roommates for about a week and got to know each other pretty well,” John Gustin said. “I think they both kept an eye on each others' careers down here this last year and kept in contact.”

After successful senior seasons, Masina and Gustin were invited to the U.S. Army All American Bowl in San Antonia earlier this month, where they once again roomed together.

“At that point you really learn to like or dislike a person,” John Gustin said. “Fortunately, they gravitated toward each other and they’ve become friends.”

Brighton head coach Ryan Bullett, who attended the U.S. Army All American Bowl, asked Masina if Gustin was someone he could go to school with and play football with. According to Bullett, Masina answered, “Yeah, definitely, we get along good. We’re both driven; both comparable size. Yeah, we hit it off. I’d love to play with him.”

John Gustin said discussions have occurred between his son and Masina about the possibility of playing together, and a look through their top lists shows a couple of the same schools.

Masina has narrowed his list down to three schools: Arizona State, UCLA and USC, while Gustin has yet to reveal his top choices, but Arizona State and USC are very much in the picture.

“It could lead down that road and whatever that school that is, I think that would be a phenomenal experience for them,” John Gustin said.

The elder Gustin also mentioned how it would also be a special experience for the two families. He said that through all the camps, games and recruiting visits the two families have become friends.

“We have kind of gotten to know the Masina family,” John Gustin said. “We have run into Osa’s mom at the USC-Notre Dame game and we saw them down at the Army All American game.”

Even with the connection between the two players and their families, John Gustin said he didn’t think his son and Masina felt any pressure to attend the same university.

“Is it something that they feel they mandatorily have to do? I don’t think so,” John Gustin said. “They are both going to make their decision on what fits them individually and their families. But collectively it would be a neat opportunity if it came to that.”

So will Masina’s decision Friday have any effect on Gustin’s choice? At this point, it seems unlikely, but mostly because according to John Gustin, his son already knows where Masina is headed.

“Osa indicated at the All American game that he knows where he’s going, and he’s told Porter,” John Gustin said.

Porter Gustin has kept it close to the vest and hasn’t revealed Masina’s choice to his family, but with him still in the decision making process, his father thinks that Masina’s decision could possibly sway him.

“Porter is still on the market right now,” John Gustin said. “So I think (Masina’s choice) could have some bearing on (Porter’s decision), but I know that Porter is still looking at all the opportunities that are on the table at this time.”

Bullett also didn’t know how much the duo's friendship will ultimately play into the decision, but he does think Utah’s top two prospects would fit well together on the field.

“Whatever influence they had on each other, I don’t know,” Bullet said. “I’ve asked (Masina) since and he said he didn’t know. Now he just might want to tell me, but I just think they clicked, and they happened to be both from Utah. They play different spots; Porter plays more inside, and Osa is more of an outside linebacker.”

When asked if he had a prediction to where his star pupil is off to, Bullett said, “one of the warm schools.”

Masina will announce his commitment at Brighton High School at 11:40 a.m. Friday.

As for Porter, his father said he hopes his son will be ready to make his announcement by the end of the month.