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Book review: ‘Searching for Super’ features superheroes without superpowers

SHARE Book review: ‘Searching for Super’ features superheroes without superpowers

"SEARCHING FOR SUPER," by Marion Jensen, Harper, $14.99, 251 pages (f) (ages 8-12)

Being a superhero is extremely difficult without any superpowers, which is exactly why the Baileys have decided to lie low — or as they call it, "hunker down."

A family of supervillians, the Joneses, actually stole all of their powers, as readers learned in Utah native Marion Jensen's first book, "Almost Super."

In his second book, "Searching for Super," the Baileys have to team up with the Johnsons, their former enemies, to fight against the Joneses and get their powers back.

At the beginning of the book, however, the families live in fear because there is no way to fight without their powers. The families also have no leads on what the Joneses want to do with the stolen powers or the location of the enemy.

Despite his parent's wishes, Rafter Bailey, a grade school-age hero, is not interested in "hunkering down." Rafter, he teams with his brother, Benny, and their newfound friend, Juanita Johnson. They want to do something heroic and retrieve their powers once more, but have no idea where to look.

Their search is accelerated by their new friend, Thimon Bailey, a relative of Rafter's. Thimon seems to have a little more information on the whereabouts of the Joneses and tells the knows how better to defeat them.

Now Rafter and his brother are keeping many secrets from their parents, Juanita and the world of superheros. The question is: Will Rafter regret not letting the other superheroes help him in his quest, or will he become the hero in the end?

"Searching for Super" is a clean, age-appropriate story for middle grade readers with no swearing or sexual content. There are minor fight-related scenes.

It is helpful to read the first book, "Almost Super," to understand more of the back story and context, but it's not a necessity to enjoy "Searching for Super."

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