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Book review: 'Scripture Princesses' features women in the scriptures and LDS Church history

"SCRIPTURE PRINCESSES: Stories of Righteous Daughters of God," by Rebecca J. Greenwood, Cedar Fort, $10.99, 144 pages (ages 8-14)

Rebecca J. Greenwood highlights 20 women from the scriptures, along with those in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in her book "Scripture Princesses: Stories of Righteous Daughters of God." Each is accompanied by Greenwood's beautiful illustrations.

Each of the 16 chapters focuses on a specific woman or pair of women, and features a different quality they exemplify, such as loyalty, wisdom, prayerful or bravery. Each chapter is about 6-10 pages long with several illustrations and at the end of each chapter, Greenwood lists scripture references or other sources where readers can seek for more information.

Greenwood shares each woman's story in such a way they can be easily read by middle grade readers and possibly younger.

Some of the women featured include Eve, Miriam, Hannah, Elisabeth and Mary from the Bible, Sariah and Abish from the Book of Mormon and Lucy Mack Smith and Emma Hale Smith from LDS Church history.

Most importantly, the author emphasizes the value of women, how much God values and appreciates the role they have throughout history and the influence they can have on generations. "Scripture Princesses" begins with an introduction about the importance of being a daughter of God and ends with a conclusion re-emphasizing how women today can stand for truth and righteousness, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Although the book is targeted toward young girls and teens, it's one that can be enjoyed by just about any audience. It's a great addition to any LDS family library, especially for children.

Greenwood grew up in Texas, studied at Brigham Young University and lives in Utah.

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