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Man killed in Bountiful beating was the ex-husband of alleged attacker's wife

BOUNTIFUL — A Bountiful man who police believe killed his wife's ex-husband Wednesday continued to attack the man after he was on the ground bleeding and injured, and at one point paused to take a picture of him, according to Davis County Jail records.

Bountiful police arrived in front of a home at 3534 S. Lexington Drive around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday and placed both men in handcuffs, according to an officer's written account filed in the arrest of 35-year-old Heneli "Henry" Kaufusi.

Police say the beating resulted in the death of Sione Mangisi, 37, whose name was released Thursday. Mangisi died before he could airlifted to a hospital.

Witnesses told police they saw Kaufusi kneeling on Mangisi, who was on the ground, and taking swings at him. Kaufusi also stomped on Mangisi while he was down, according to witness reports.

The two men were near an SUV parked in front of Kaufusi's home, according to police. Investigators believe Mangisi was visiting from Hawthorne, California, and was there to see his children, who live at the Bountiful home with their mother and Kaufusi.

The four children, including an infant, weren't home at the time of the attack, Edwards said.

At one point, Kaufusi briefly walked away from Mangisi, then "took out a cellphone and appeared to take a picture of the victim," according to jail records.

Kaufusi allegedly walked back to Mangisi and began to stomp on him again while standing over him and screaming.

By this time, Mangisi had reportedly made his way to the front lawn. Kaufusi allegedly walked over to Mangisi a third time, picked him up and threw him toward the roadway. Mangisi ended up in the gutter.

"(Mangisi) returned to his feet and staggered toward his vehicle, which was parked on the east side of Lexington Drive," jail records state.

A Bountiful police officer arrived and reported seeing "large amounts" of blood on the SUV, on the ground around the vehicle and on the street. Kaufusi also had blood on his hands, shirt, shorts and shoes, police said.

"(Mangisi) was bleeding heavily from his face, and it appeared to me that his face was extremely swollen, even from the distance that I was standing at, which was approximately 40 feet," the responding officer said in the jail report.

The officer told both men to get "into the prone position" while waiting for backup to get to the scene.

"Both males were placed into handcuffs after my backup arrived," the responding officer wrote. "Medical attention was provided to the victim as all officers on scene were concerned that he could have a major head injury based on the amount of trauma to the face and head that we observed."

The jail report describes Kaufusi and Mangisi as large men. Kaufusi reportedly weighs 330 pounds and is 6 feet 4 inches tall. Mangisi was 6 feet tall and weighed 220 pounds.

The person who called 911 was driving by when they saw the two men fighting.

Officers spoke with Kaufusi to try to determine what happened before and during the attack, Bountiful Police Lt. Dave Edwards said Wednesday.

"He really didn't give us much information," Edwards said at the time.

No weapons were used during the incident, and police don't suspect alcohol was involved, Edwards said Thursday. He said the killing was the first in Bountiful since early 2012.


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