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3-year-old sells painting to make her Disney dream come true

CEDAR CITY — Three-year-old Eva Sorensen really wants to go to Disneyland.

“She’s crazy about Elsa and Anna (from 'Frozen') and Princess Sofia (from 'Sophia the First,)'” said Eva’s mother, Kaitlin Sorensen. “I’d say Disney is practically her life.”

Eva isn’t just passionate about Disney and practically every character; she’s also very persistent, said her father, Jay Sorensen.

“She’s (telling) me every single day, ‘I want to go to Disneyland, I want to go to Disneyland,'" he said.

When Eva asked her parents again last month, her mother's follow-up question took the girl's imagination to new heights.

“This time, for some reason, I decided to respond to her like she was an adult,” Kaitlin Sorensen said. “I said, 'Well, we can’t afford to do that. How would you help us do that?' And her first suggestion was, 'Make pictures.'"

Eva took her Disney desire to "a whole new world," and started earning the money to go herself.

Her parents got her some nice paper and some paint, all the tools to help her. Then, Eva started making her Magic Kingdom masterpieces.

She started selling her abstract adolescent artwork on social media, earning money for her Disney trip. Eventually, Eva the artist turned into Eva the entrepreneur.

“The entire business is hers,” Kaitlin Sorensen said. “All the money that comes in from her paintings goes into a bank account, so when she needs supplies, she goes out with me and uses her own debit card.”

Yes, 3-year-old Eva has her own bank card.

“There’s a certain sense of accomplishment when you walk into a bank and see your 3-year-old daughter get her own debit card,” Jay Sorensen said.

Eva is learning the value of a dollar at a young age, all while earning her dream vacation to "the happiest place on Earth."

“There’s true magic there, and so I just want so badly to see her accomplish this dream. It would be fantastic,” Jay Sorensen said.

“She’s learning at a very young age she can make what she wants happen,” Kaitlin Sorensen said.

So far, Eva has sold about 20 paintings to buyers all over Utah. She’s also sold one to a family in Maryland, and one in Alberta, Canada, earning more than $600 in just one month.

For more info and to support Eva's paintings, visit her Facebook page,


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