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Lindsey Stirling, Alex Boye, others to promote LDS Church's Christmas initiative

Beginning today, well-known social media personalities will participate in "12 Days of Social," a campaign to promote The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' "A Savior is Born" Christmas initiative.

During the "12 Days of Social," 12 groups and individuals with large social media followings will release Christmas videos on their personal YouTube channels and then encourage viewers to watch the LDS Church's “A Savior is Born” video. The videos will also be embedded for viewing on

A new video will be posted each day for 12 days.

Lindsey Stirling, a dancing violinist who has 7.2 million YouTube subscribers, will participate, as will singer Alex Boye, who appeared earlier this year as a contestant on NBC's “America’s Got Talent."

“A long time ago, I made it a personal goal to help support the church in any way I can using the musical gifts that the Lord has given me,” Boye said. “This campaign was a perfect opportunity for me to do so.”

Grammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker posted a video of “O come, O come, Emmanuel” Tuesday morning to kick off the "12 Days of Social." The video features depictions of Jesus Christ’s birth.

“I’m so grateful for Christmas time, when the world turns to the Savior,” Baker said at the conclusion of her video. “And having a knowledge that the Savior has died for us and lived again brings me and my family so much joy, and I hope that that joy is in your lives this season especially.”

Other participants include singer David Archuleta, acappella performer Peter Hollens and the cast of BYUtv's "Studio C." They will stick to their traditional styles and talents but will use the videos to promote the message of Jesus Christ’s birth. Boye, for example, will perform “The Little Drummer Boy,” a song that carries a special meaning for him.

“I feel that the story of the drummer boy teaches us a valuable lesson about gifts,” Boye said. “The young boy didn’t have anything to offer Jesus, so he played his drum. This signifies to me that the most important gifts we can give each other are not necessarily the presents or the cost of it but the giving of our time and talents without expecting anything in return. This, to me, highlights the gift of love above all else.”

The social media personalities will use their videos to promote a positive message, a message they consider one of the best Christmas presents of all.

“There are a handful of greatest gifts," said Jared Shores, producer of "Studio C." "One of them is the knowledge that because Christ lived, I can live with my family again forever. It isn’t just about this life, and he has provided answers to so many questions about what the purpose of this life is, ... and I think the Christmas time of year and reflecting on the Savior’s birth brings all of that doctrine into reality, which I think is one of the greatest gifts that I have been given in this life.”

The LDS Church launched its "A Savior is Born" Christmas initiative on Nov. 29. A video available in 29 languages is the centerpiece of the initiative. Billboards for the month-long initiative can be seen in New York City's Times Square, as well as other cities throughout the United States. According to, LDS visitors centers in the United States, Mexico City, Hyde Park in London, the London England Temple and the Hamilton New Zealand Temple will show guests the video.