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Famous YouTubers collaborate for #ASaviorIsBorn Christmas initiative



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Following on the success of last season’s Guinness Book of World Records largest live nativity, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently launched a new social media initiative bringing together a variety of YouTube stars.

From December 1 through December 12, a different YouTube creator has shared their personal interpretation of what this year’s theme, A Savior Is Born, means to them. This initiative, called the “12 Days of Social,” has garnered millions of views and helped spread the hope, happiness, and healing made possible through Jesus Christ. In fact, the initiative has created so much interest that it may continue throughout the Christmas season and extend well beyond the original 12 days.

One of the videos generating excitement is a special caroling collaboration released on December 13. In this video, many of the YouTubers that participated in “12 Days of Social” came together in song to share their beliefs about the importance of the Savior in their lives. As they went from door-to-door surprising people with their instruments and voices, many people were moved to tears.

When asked about the event, Shay Carl, who originally released the video on his YouTube channel, had this to say:

“We had a blast making it. The [A Savior Is Born] video means a lot to all of us. That’s why we are here—because of Jesus Christ. It is truly the greatest gift any one of us could receive.”

Greg Droubay, Director of Media in the Missionary Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said this about the outreach effort by the YouTubers:

“Christmas is a time for messages focused on God’s love for the world as manifest in the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. The world has a growing need for messages that bring peace and hope. Each YouTube star has become personally invested in the #ASaviorIsBorn initiative using their time, effort, and influence to share a Christmas message. It’s amazing to see them unite together across genres to share their belief that a Savior has been born.”

The combined subscribers, fans, and followers of the YouTube creators exceeds 17 million. Those involved in the caroling collaboration are listed below (along with a link to their “12 Days of Social” videos):

Peter Hollens

Stuart Edge

Alex Boye

Tiffany Alvord

Gardiner Sisters

Ellie + Jared

Bored Shorts TV

Jenny Oaks Baker

Studio C

Shay Carl