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Today's must-read faith and family stories

An Egyptian couple walk together under a bridge during a sandstorm in the capital city of Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015. Egypt's Cairo International Airport briefly closed to arrivals Tuesday as a sandstorm descended over the country that also di
An Egyptian couple walk together under a bridge during a sandstorm in the capital city of Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015. Egypt's Cairo International Airport briefly closed to arrivals Tuesday as a sandstorm descended over the country that also disrupted traffic at other airfields and seaports, officials said. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)
Hassan Ammar, AP

Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about faith and family-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

Some of these stories will find their way to The Pulse, a curated list of the top news stories of the day on our homepage. Others will pop up in our articles. So scan the entire email or focus on the section that interests you most, and don't forget to send us your feedback.

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Be there for a friend's relationship crisis, but don't give advice — The Wall Street Journal

How 'X' became the universal symbol for a kiss — Mashable

I'm a marriage counselor. Here's how I can tell a couple is heading for divorce — Vox

Parents of obese children in Puerto Rico could face fines of up to $800 — Time magazine

Babies switched at birth in 1994 awarded $2 million — Newser

Parents of 2 toddlers both battling cancer — Newser


Meet the mom who stopped Joseph Kony — Christianity Today

What is the point of prayer? — Reasonable Faith

Why I went to seminary — Christian Century

Blindfolded Muslim man asks fellow Canadians for their trust. Canada responds with hugs. — The Huffington Post

No escape from history — The Atlantic

10 confessions of a flawed pastor — Relevant magazine

Reading the Bible like we read The Quran — Zack Hunt

3 members of Muslim family murdered in Chapel Hill, sparking #MuslimLivesMatter campaign — HuffPost Religion

10 myths about evangelicals debunked — OnFaith


Schools not keeping track when kids are behind on their shots — NPR

Are iPads the solution to snow days? — The Atlantic

Online education enrollment still growing, but slower — Education News

College's priceless value — The New York Times

Male professors are 'genius.' Female professors are 'nice' — The New Republic

This country is literally paying students to go to college — Mic

Flip side of reducing student debt is increasing the federal deficit — The Upshot


Kayla Mueller's family releases text of letter written in captivity — The Huffington Post

A death in the family -- in all our families — USA Today

Jon Stewart's replacement on 'The Daily Show' should be a woman — Time magazine

Why Jon Stewart and Brian Williams should just switch jobs — The Washington Post

Brian Williams and the ugly allure of embellishing the truth — Relevant magazine

Do we really need another 'Spider-Man'? — CNN

Could Sony and Marvel's deal mean a non-white Spider-Man? — The Atlantic

Why Marvel's 'Spider-Man' should mimic 'Batman Forever' — Forbes

'Fifty Shades of Grey' better than book — BBC

In 'The Slap,' culture clash and family dysfunction — NYT Now

People haven't had enough of silly love songs — The Atlantic

'Better Call Saul' and sin's slippery slope — Relevant magazine

The redemption of Shawn Michaels — OnFaith

'Fresh' faces: When families like mine go primetime — Christianity Today


Preacher, lay your debt burden down — Christian Chronicle

MacArthur Foundation will spend millions to thin jail populations — The Huffington Post

Giving housing to the homeless is three times cheaper than leaving them on the streets — Vox

Newark's vacant lot sale is for lovers — CityLab

Documentary tells story of trafficking victims forced to bring home "$40, no less" and who's helping them — HuffPost Impact

This human rights group is a model for how the U.S. can end slave labor — HuffPost Impact


Why Cupid is a tightwad — Time magazine

4 ways tech can help you get pregnant — Time magazine

How this woman turned a layoff into a $3 million business — Fortune

Rethink your after-work routine to make the transition home a happy one — The Wall Street Journal

Is all fair in love and work? — BBC

The best music to get through your work day is definitely not what you think — Mic

My dream job: 4 CEOs share how it feels — Forbes

At this office, the break room is a giant ball pit — FastCo Exist

Ask the experts: I'm underpaid and underappreciated — Fast Company

Winter storms impose high costs for business — The Boston Globe

Retirement: 10 ways to live frugally — USA Today

Coping with grief — and funeral costs — BBC


How to get in shape 'without moving a muscle' — Time magazine

Eat your daily dose of happy: Diet rules to stave off seasonal depression — Fox News

Weight loss or not, exercise yields benefits — Fox News

Party snacks that are ruining your diet — Fox News

Better fitness through your phone — The New York Times

If you have dementia, can you hasten death as you wished? — NPR

What causes breast cancer? These families want to help find out — NPR

Breath test for Parkinson's disease — BBC

Vaccines are profitable, so what? — The Atlantic

100 paralyzed children, each a mystery — The Atlantic

Pillow talk: What your sleeping positions says about your personality — Elite Daily

Meet the women proving that lifting is for everyone — Mic


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