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Police searching for West Valley man missing since Feb. 5

West Valley police are looking for Robert Denner, 68, who was last seen on Thursday, Feb. 6.
West Valley police are looking for Robert Denner, 68, who was last seen on Thursday, Feb. 6.
West Valley police

WEST VALLEY CITY — Police are looking for a man who left for his morning cup of coffee last week and hasn't been seen since.

Robert Denner, 68, was following his morning routine when he left his home near 3500 South and 4800 West last Thursday. Each day Denner leaves for work on foot and goes to a nearby 7-Eleven store for coffee, where he meets co-workers to carpool.

"He spends a lot of time talking to the clerks there every day. They remember that he didn't show up," West Valley police spokeswoman Roxeanne Vainuku said.

Police have combed surveillance footage from the 7-Eleven and found no sign that Denner ever arrived at the store, and he has not been to work since, Vainuku said. They have no leads in the case so far.

Denner has not been seen or heard from since neighbors saw him leave at his normal time on Feb. 5. Those close to Denner said it would be "highly unusual" for him to disappear and not report to work.

Hazel Betts, Denner's companion of 25 years, said that Denner has never been known to leave without notice.

"He just wouldn't up and walk away," Betts said. "In 25 years, he's never done this. It's just not like him."

Betts said she believed Denner had gone to work at on the day he disappeared. When he didn't come home and she learned he hadn't arrived at the convenience store or work that day, Betts took a flashlight and began searching the neighborhood. There was no sign of Denner.

In the days since his disappearance, Denner's employer and co-workers took time off work to knock on doors in the neighborhood and hang fliers.

"They put fliers all over this town looking for him. They said, 'We're going to find him,'" Betts said.

Denner is a kind man known for the deep love he has for his grandchildren and the dollar bills he always carries with him in case someone needs change, Betts said.

"We miss him, we love him and we want him to come home," she said.

Denner is described as white, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 155 pounds. He has brown and gray hair, a beard and a mustache, and blue eyes. He often wears a baseball cap with a military logo.

Anyone with information about Denner is asked to call West Valley police at 801-840-8000.

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