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Lone Peak edges American Fork to stay number one in region 4

OREM — It was a tight game the whole game between Lone Peak and American Fork at the UCCU basketball center. Lone Peak had an eight-point lead early in the fourth quarter and American Fork's late run came up just short.

Frank Jackson was the star for the Knights and fueled Lone Peak to a win. Brendan Bailey and Spencer Johnson tried to keep the Cavemen in it but it just wasn't enough to beat them.

American Fork and Lone Peak played a close game at the Marriott Center earlier this season that the Cavemen ended up winning. This was another close game between the two top teams in Region 4 but it was not the same result, because Lone Peak ended up winning by a score of 65-63.

For Lone Peak, however, the game should not have been as close as it was down the stretch. The Knights had an 11-point lead early in the fourth and final quarter. A couple of good plays by the Cavemen got them back into the game including a Brendan Bailey three pointer that cut the lead to five with four minutes left. A couple plays later, Benji Judd gets the steal and fast break layup to come within one and the American Fork crowd exploded with excitement.

But the Cavemen fans were quickly silenced by a layup from Nick Curtis and another fast break layup from Talmage Gunther, which gave Lone Peak the 59-54 lead with 1:40 left in the game. But American Fork came right, and Dallin Harley got an and-one layup to cut lead to two. However, Jackson, with 18 points, was not going to let this game slip away, not again. He went inside and drew the foul and made a free throw. So Lone Peak had a three-point lead with less then a minute left in the game.

American Fork still had a chance and the game was in reach, but the Cavemen turned the ball over which led to free throws. When American Fork got the ball back they went to Johnson who went inside and made a layup with 35 seconds left. They quickly fouled Christian Popoola, who just made one out of the two free throws. American Fork still had a small hope, down by four. But right when the Cavemen felt that they had a chance, Spencer Johnson turned the ball over and the game fell apart from there. It was a free-throw game from that point on and Lone Peak ended up getting the 65-63 win.

So it was a valiant effort by both teams, and you can expect both teams to make a big push come playoff time. But for tonight Lone Peak gets all the glory and are still in first place in Region 4.

Spencer Johnson led American Fork with 22 points, but Frank Jackson was the real star tonight.

The Cavemen (12-8, 6-3) will travel to Herriman on Friday, while Lone Peak (17-4, 9-1) will host Pleasant Grove on Friday.