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Honor the accuracies

So 12 years later, in relating an incident, Brian Williams got his facts mixed up — so what? Who hasn’t done the same thing? Williams has publicly acknowledged the error, corrected it and sincerely apologized for it.

I get it, that he is in the public eye and we count on men like him for accuracy in news reporting, but let’s maintain some perspective. If we are going to condemn him for the misstatement because he is who and where he is, let’s be as quick to honor him for the thousands upon thousands of “accuracies” he has offered us over the years. Actually, after an erroneous statement, recognition and correction, I find myself more able to put confidence in subsequent reports because of the profoundly heightened awareness and caution of the reporter.

I am convinced that when we start focusing as much time and effort into caring about the well-being and interests of each other as we put into pursuing “political correctness,” things like this will become nonissues.

Kendall Ayres