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Utah tax revenue

KSL and the Deseret News continue to beat the drum over the Utah tax rate being historically low, as if this were a bad thing. In reality, keeping tax rates stable has allowed Utah to experience a faster economic recovery than the rest of the nation, with lower unemployment and better growth spurred on by a booming tech sector. Raising rates now would not only put that growth in jeopardy but also run counter to the nationwide trend of lowering tax rates in the states, thereby reducing Utah's competitiveness. The best way to raise tax revenues is to grow the economy.

Further, increased education spending has yet to show any relationship to improved outcomes. Nationwide, the amount of per-student spending has doubled in real dollars since 1970 with no discernible improvement in performance. We need school reform, such as more accountability and local control, more than we need to throw more taxpayer dollars at education.

The Deseret News portrays new spending from the state Legislature as a "success" and rejections of such programs as a "failure." More perspectives from taxpayer advocates in their stories would bring some welcome balance.

Bruce Hansen