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High school swimming: Skyline out to an early lead in the 4A state championships

PROVO — Day one of the 4A state swimming championships certainly belonged to Skyline, which established leads, on both the boys and girls side, through eight events Friday at BYU.

For the boys, it was Adam Shelton capping off a dominant first day for Skyline with a win in the 50-yard freestyle. The junior went into the finals as the favorite, and certainly lived up to that designation, finishing with a time of 21.15, just ahead of the second-place finisher, Timpview's Josh Skabelund (21.75) and Highland's Patrick Nordstrom (21.94.)

"I've been training all season for this race, so I left it all out there. This was the one I wanted," Shelton said. "I had a good feeling, after warmups, that I'd be able to take it, and it feels great right now."

Other standouts for Skyline were Mckay Chamberlain (1:44.29), placing second to Springville's Connor Anderson (1:42.24) in the 200-yard freestyle, and the 200-yard medley relay team (1:38.96) placing second to Murray (1:37.90.)

The final gold medal on the boys side was won by Woods Cross' Mitchel Hawley, who won the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 1:56.50, just edging out Murray's Carter Gratton (1:56.83.)

Skyline (121.5 points) will take a commanding lead into the final day of competition Saturday over its nearest competitors Murray (81) and Kearns (78.)

"We're feeling great and we're having guys do some amazing things and hopefully we can get it done tomorrow," Shelton said.

As for the girls, Highland couldn't have started out much better, but it was Skyline proving that team depth often takes precedence over individual honors at state.

The Eagles (111 points) swooped past the Rams (101) late to go into Saturday as the favorite.

Highland took gold medals in three of Friday's four events, starting with the 200-yard medley relay team edging past Skyline (1:52.73) and Sky View (1:53.04) with a time of 1:52.58.

"That was a shock because we were honestly just hoping for second and third," said Eva Gontrum, who cheered the relay team from the team bench. "Those girls swam amazing and definitely helped pick me up to win my race."

Gontrum won the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:55.93, quite a bit ahead of Meghan Raineir, who finished second with a time of 1:59.36.

"I'm really happy, because I raced Meghan in region, and she was (really tough), so I was kind of scared of her," Gontrum said. "But I went in confident and I'm really, really happy about the result."

One event later saw Highland's Zoe Phillips win the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:06.61, almost two and a half seconds faster than second-place finisher Makayla Cazier (2:09.06) of Maple Mountain.

Despite Highland taking early command, Skyline was able to catch and then surpass it for the lead after a strong finish in the 50-yard freestyle. Claire Brooks (24.24) placed second for the Eagles, while freshman Aleah Griffin (25.51) finished sixth.

4A day one results

Girls results:

Team standings (through four events): 1. Skyline (111 points); 2. Highland (101); 3. Wasatch (81); 4. Sky View (63); 5. Judge Memorial (51); 6. Maple Mountain (49)

For the 200-yard medley relay: 1. Highland (Zoe Phillips, Tyler Stephenson, Sarah Berg, Makayla Harris) 1:52.58; 2. Skyline (Ali Dibble, Dani Zebelean, Shelby Dibble, Katie Canova) 1:52.73; 3. Sky View (Brynn Gibbons, Olivia Christiansen, Amika Israelsen, Anna Olsen) 1:53.04; 4. Wasatch (Maddy Svoboda, Abby Hendricks, Rachel Finley, Phebe James) 1:53.18; 5. Judge Memorial (Anna Shum, Caroline Yannelli, Marcela Vasquez, Victoria Berceau) 1:54.0; 6. Springville (Payton Acor, Abigail Morris, Nichole Mertz, Abi Maccabee) 1:55.21

For the 200-yard freestyle: 1. Eva Gontrum, Highland, 1:55.93; 2. Meghan Rainier, East, 1:59.36; 3. Danica Butler, Spanish Fork, 2:00.89; 4. Anna Parkinson, Kearns, 2:02.07; 5. India Phillips, Highland, 2:02.20; 6. Ashley Pickford, Corner Canyon, 2:02.47

For the 200-yard individual medley: 1. Zoe Phillips, Highland, 2:06.61; 2. Makayla Cazier, Maple Mountain, 2:09.06; 3. Madelyn Flower, Murray, 2:14.40; 4. Bella White, Olympus, 2:15.42; 5. Annika Israelsen, Sky View, 2:17.06; 6. Madie Harley, Provo, 2:18.71

For the 50-yard freestyle: 1. Phebe James, Wasatch, 23.98; 2. Claire Brooks, Skyline, 24.24; 3. Nichole Mertz, Springville, 24.53; 4. Abigail Stallard, Provo, 25.32; 5. Shaylee Sorensen, Mountain Crest, 25.46; 6. Aleah Griffin, Skyline, 25.51

Boys results:

Boys standings (through four events): 1. Skyline (121.5 points); 2. Murray (81); 3. Kearns (78); 4. Woods Cross (63); 5. Springville (46.5); 6. Timpview (46)

For the 200-yard medley relay: 1. Murray (Carter Gratton, Kurt Healy, Jonah Black, Cody Larsen) 1:37.90; 2. Skyline (Will Newbold, Cole Jackman, DA Steed, Mathew Beseris) 1:38.96; 3. Woods Cross (Robert Steagall, Mitch Neuenschwander, Mitchel Hawley, Luke Glissmeyer) 1:41.12; 4. Mountain Crest (Adam Edwards, Brandon Black, Riley Herzog, Karson Christensen) 1:41.64; 5. Wasatch (Brigham Wabel, Chad Patterson, Calvin Giese, Paul Fitzgerald) 1:41.77; 6. Kearns (Walker Giles, Blake Pearson, Mitchell Walker, Tristan Spoerri) 1:42.06

For the 200-yard freestyle: 1. Connor Anderson, Springville, 1:42.24; 2. Mckay Chamberlain, Skyline, 1:44.29; 3. Chad Patterson, Wasatch, 1:44.32; 4. Jaron Nelson, Box Elder, 1:46.50; 5. Stephen Western, Olympus, 1:46.82; 6. Christopher McClain, Springville, 1:47.67

For the 200-yard individual medley: 1. Mitchel Hawley, Woods Cross, 1:56.50; 2. Carter Gratton, Murray, 1:56.83; 3. Tony Puertas, Timpanogos, 2:00.12; 4. Wyatt Graham, Salem Hills, 2:00.60; 5. Mitchell Walker, Kearns, 2:01.17; 6. Cole Jackman, Skyline, 2:01.55

For the 50-yard freestyle: 1. Adam Shelton, Skyline, 21.15; 2. Josh Skabelund, Timpview, 21.75; 3. Patrick Nordstrom, Highland, 21.94; 4. Tristan Spoerri, Kearns, 22.26; 5. Landon Spring, Sky View, 22.50; 6. Cody Larsen, Murray, 22.53


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