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Viewmont sweeps 5A swim titles as girls repeat and boys shock the competition

PROVO — Viewmont head swim coach Steve Doman saw his team’s early victories as a sign that their dreams of a state title weren’t just idle musings.

“We won the St. George Invitational and I thought, ‘Hey, we’re pretty good. We might be all right,’ ” he said after both his boys and girls teams won 5A state swim championships at BYU’s Richards Center. “With every win it’s been building.”

Viewmont’s season culminated in a dream season that all of the student athletes worked for and hoped for, but most didn’t actually expect. Even their coach, who told them all season they were capable of state titles, was shocked at the margin of victory the boys earned.

“The girls we expected, because they won last year,” Doman said. “But I didn’t know the boys had the potential to do that. The boys came out of nowhere to just dominate. It wasn’t even close.”

The boys team won the state title with a total score of 337 points. In second place was Lone Peak with 241 points, while Brighton, last year’s 5A state champ, was third with 208 points.

“I don’t know,” said Drew Bonner, who kept laughing as his team celebrated and he tried to put into words what this title means to him and the other swimmers. “We’ve just been working really hard, and it paid off. It showed.” On the girls side, the Vikings won by the smallest of margins, edging Lone Peak 288 to 285. The girls team said they worked all season to defend the title they won last year, but they knew it would be challenging.

“It was really tight,” said junior Mckenna Gassaway, who edged her twin sister, Mariah, in the women’s 100-yard breaststroke and then joined with her sister and teammates Sienna Smith and Kelly Burnham to win the girls 200-freestyle relay. “We came in thinking we had a chance, and we always just try to do our best, try your hardest. And it just paid off. Everything we did this year paid off, and it’s such a great feeling.”

Earning both titles made the entire experience a bit sweeter — and maybe a little surreal.

“It’s amazing,” Gassaway said. “It’s so cool to win both boys and girls. It’s an honor, really.” Doman looked a little bewildered after accepting the Coach of the Year trophies, even as he held them up in front of a cheering crowd of fan and student athletes.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. It’s probably the best year Viewmont has had, as far as team results. It’s an amazing, amazing accomplishment to win both titles.” The swimmer of the year was Herriman freshman Rhyan White, who set a new 5A record in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 54.75 (56.66 is the old record). She also took second in one of the day’s closest races in the 100-yard butterfly as Lone Peak senior Katie Smith edged her with a time of 55.93 to White’s 55.98.

“It’s pretty exciting,” said White of winning the award as a freshman. “I’m pretty proud.”

5A state swimming results for the girls:

100-yard butterfly: 1. Katie Smith, Lone Peak, 55.93; 2. Rhyan White, Herriman, 55.98; 3. Marah Smith, Viewmont, 58.10; 4. Grace Kroll, Bingham, 59.45; 5. Grace Goddard, West, 1:08.08; 6. Rachel Anders, Cottonwood, 1:00.15; 7. Sienna Smith, Viewmont, 1:00.42; 8. Mikayla Bambrick, Hunter, 1:00.66; 9. Anna Graf, Brighton, 1:00.75; 10. Brooke Van Brocklin, Brighton, 1:02.59.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Abbey Sorensen, Riverton, 51.86; 2. Autumn Wolfgram, West, 52.08; 3. McKenna King, American Fork, 54.18; 4. Kelly Burnham, Viewmont, 54.26; 5. Jentry McGregor, Westlake, 54.51; 6. Emma Fruehan, Lone Peak, 54.77; 7. Olivia Nelson, Brighton, 55.99; 8. Keira Dailey, Herriman, 56.07; 9. Olyvia Mayer, Fremont, 56.43; 10. Kenzie Chesler, Lone Peak, 56.73.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Claire Jackson, Hunter, 5:11.18; 2. Samantha Patterson, Lone Peak, 5:19.16; 3. Sam Buker, 5:20.26; 4. Shelby Graves, American Fork, 5:22.13; 5. Julia Sanderson, Viewmont, 5:23.76; 6. Katy Daggett, Brighton, 5:26.18; 7. Amy Buker, American Fork, 5:27.05; 8. Hannah Roberts, Bingham, 5:27.97; 9. Hannah Edwards, Brighton, 5:32.34; 10. Stacey Clark, American Fork, 5:34.24.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Viewmont (McKenna Gassaway, Mariah Gassaway, Sienna Smith, Kelly Burnham) 1:37.82; 2. Riverton (Maddie Christensen, Brooke Lyon, Lexi Sorensen, Abbey Sorensen) 1:40.07; 3. Lone Peak (Samantha Patterson, Sarah Pulham, Kenzie Chesler, Emma Fruehan) 1:40.40; 4. Westlake (Jentry McGregor, Madeline Lauder, McKenna Fowler, Kenzie Ford) 1:42.36; 5. Brighton (McKenna Huntzinger, Hailee Wiest, Olivia Nelson, Anna Hibbard) 1:42.75.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Rhyan White, Herriman, 54:75 (new 5A record); 2. Grace Kroll, Bingham, 58.13; 3. Fane Wolfgramm, West, 58.48; 4. Natalie Davis, Lone Peak, 1:00.56; 5. Vivienne Colbert, West, 1:02.09; 6. Maddie Hill, Jordan, 1:02.29; 7. Megan Butler, Brighton, 1:03.09; 8. Kjerstin Roberts, Lone Peak, 1:03.34; 9. Mikayla Bambrick, Hunter, 1:03.40; 10. Hannah Dibb, Pleasant Grove, 1:03.92.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. McKenna Gassaway, Viewmont, 1:03.28; 2. Mariah, Viewmont, 1:04.31; 3. Sarah Pulham, Lone Peak, 109.51; 4. Sam Buker, American Fork, 1:10.07; 5. Katelyn Price, Cottonwood, 1:10.11; 6. Ava Binder, Brighton, 1:10.61; 7. Madeline Lauder, Westlake, 1:10.80; 8. Maddie Christensen, Riverton, 1:10.94; 9. Catherine Hampton, Brighton, 1:11.05; 10. Sydney Hyer, Jordan, 1:12.05.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Lone Peak (Samantha Patterson, Kenzie Chesler, Natalie Davis, Katie Smith) 3:36.19; 2. West High (Fane Wolfgramm, Lauren Treiman, Grace Goddard, Autumn Wolfgramm) 3:39.50; 3. Viewmont (Marah Smith, Julia Sanderson, Kiana Schwendeman, Kelly Burnham) 3:43.06; 4. American Fork (McKenna King, Mirand Graaves, Jess Moberly, Shelby Graves) 3:45.03; 5. Brighton (McKenna Huntzinger, Olivia Nelson, Hannah Edwards, Katy Daggett) 3:45.81.

5A state swimming results for boys:

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jonathan Shawgo, Westlake, 52.51; 2. Brian O’Neal, Brighton, 52.82; 3. Zach Julien, Viewmont, 52.98; 4. Hagen Jensen, Cottonwood, 53.92; 5. Zach Sannar, Viewmont, 54.12; 6. Parker Wiest, Brighton, 54.53; 7. Nick Skorut, Hillcrest; 8. William Purdy, West, 55.00; 9. Collin Cribbs, Taylorsville, 55.23; 10. Noah Housley, Herriman, 56.03.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Brock Harries, Brighton, 47.28; 2. Andrew Anderson, Cottonwood, 47.51; 3. Steven Okelberry, American Fork, 47.63; 4. Seth Kohler, Hunter, 48.03; 5. Alema Fitisemanu, Lone Peak, 49.52; 6. Kade Hunter, Lone Peak, 49.68; 7. Brayden Carlson, Herriman, 49.79; 8. John Morris, Lehi, 49.80; 9. Cade Rasmussen, Viewmont, 50.07; 10. Caleb Roundy, Cottonwood, 50.41.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Drew Bonner, Viewmont, 4:43.09; 2. Jacob Bushman, Riverton, 4:52.03; 3. Shad Wojciechowski, Viewmont, 4:54.24; 4. Dallin Bunnell, Pleasant Grove, 4:55.28; 5. Jason Barnett, Viewmont, 4:55.76; 6. Trevor Maxfield, Riverton, 4:56.89; 7. Mitchell Simmons, West, 4:58.88; 8. Spencer Kyle, Bingham, 5:00.31; 9. Kade Hunter, Lone Peak, 5:04.70; 10. Noah Housley, Herriman, 5:06.60.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1.Lone Peak (Kade Hunter, Ryan Mickelson, Parker Freeman, Alema Fitisemanu) 1:28.96; 2. Westlake (Kimble Peterson, James Dock, Connor Crockett, Jonathan Shawgo) 1:29.00; 3. Viewmont (Cade Rasmussen, TJ Spangenburg, Shad Wojciechowski, Drew Bonner) 1:30.14; 4. Lehi (Gavin Doel, Austin McGrew, Alec Huff, Tanner Jackson) 1:32.50; 5. Hillcrest (Jonah Wang, Nick Skorut, Timothy Hui, David Skorut) 1:32.70.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Alec Huff, Lehi, 54.58; 2. Braden Jensen, Copper Hills, 54.73; 3. Andrew Hunt, Viewmont, 54.87; 4. William Purdy, West, 56.03; 5. Nick Skorut, Hillcrest, 56.19; 6. Collin Cribbs, Taylorsville, 56.53; 7. Calvin Smith, Bingham 57.14; 8. Austin McGrew, Lehi, 57.20; 9. Payson Cunningham, Syracuse, 57.76; 10. James Dock, Westlake, 57.97.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Jonah Simon, Cottonwood, 58.71; 2. Tyler Blackburn, Lehi, 59.21; 3. TJ Spangenburg, Viewmont, 1:00.20; 4. Spencer Dew, Lone Peak, 1:00.49; 5. Parker Freeman, Lone Peak, 1:01.18; 6. James Thompson, Layton, 1:01.82; 7. Jack Binder, Brighton, 1:01.88; 8. Austin Forrest, Viewmont, 1:02.26; 9. Benjamin Verdejo, Lone Peak, 1:02.40; 10. Gunnar Huscroft, Westlake, 1:03.37.

400-yard freestyle relay: Lone Peak (Kade Hunter, Spencer Dew, Parker Freeman, Alema Fitisemanu) 3:14.73; 2. Brighton (Brock Harries, Zach Dugdale, Jack Binder, Brian O’Neal) 3:14.98; 3. Cottonwood (Hagen Jensen, Bryson Schlenz, Jonah Simon, Andrew Anderson); 4. Lehi (John Morris, Austin McGrew, Landon Greenwood, Tyler Blackburn) 3:18.96; 5. Westlake (Kimble Petersen, James Dock, Connor Crockett, Jonathan Shawgo) 3:22.17.

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