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High school swimming: Park City sets 6 3A records in dominating performance at state meet

PROVO — Park City is widely known for its world-class skiing and posh resorts, but turns out the city also has more than its fair share of great swimmers. Those swimmers were on display during the 3A state championships at BYU, and they completely obliterated the competition yet again.

Breaking six 3A state records and winning 18 gold medals out of 22 total events only told part of the story for the dominant Miners in yet another sweep of the 3A state championships.

"What I love about this year's team is that we had contributions from just about everyone," said Park City coach Mike Werner after the final day of competition Saturday. "I really can't take just a few of my swimmers and highlight them because it really was a great effort by all of them. Every single member of this team contributed and that's what I love about this team."

Park City's incredible depth was on display in the final team point totals. The boys compiled 434.5 points, far outdistancing second-place Cedar City (257), but it was the girls side (581) that put in the most remarkable work — more than doubling its next-closest competitor, Cedar City (284).

"Our girls scored over 500 points last year, but this year, we just set a goal to have fun and see what happens, and it turned out really special," Werner said. "We got a lot of support in the stands and it was just all about having a lot of fun out there."

Highlighting the girls side were 3A records set in all three relays, and another 3A record for Blaire McDowell (1:06.00 in the 100-yard breaststroke).

As for the boys, they scored a 3A state record in the 200-yard freestyle relay with Jinwon Bailar setting the record in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 52.05.

"Our boys grew so much throughout the year and they really fed off what the girls did, and the girls fed off the boys, and it was a real cohesive effort," Werner said. "I'm just fortunate to coach some incredible young student-athletes who are willing to put the time in."

On top of the massive amount of hours put in was a team attitude of having fun.

"That's really what it's all about for us," Werner said. "Sure, they work hard, but it's really about having fun and going out there and having a great time. We approached this like any other swim meet, and having fun is what it's all about for us."

3A swimming state championship results

Girls results

Final team standings: 1. Park City, 581 points; 2. Cedar City, 284; 3. Desert Hills, 185; 4. Juan Diego, 171; 5. Dixie, 141; 6. Snow Canyon, 125

100-yard butterfly: 1. Mara Selznick, Park City, 58.93; 2. Katie Hale, Park City, 1:00.07; 3. Zoe Smith, Desert Hills, 1:00.92; 4. Katelyn Gross, Cedar City, 1:01.45; 5. Jaclyn Testone, Juan Diego, 1:03.10; 6. Sabine Caplin, Park City, 1:05.09

100-yard freestyle: 1. Rozie Selznick, Park City, 53.80; 2. Kristen Gross, Cedar City, 54.27; 3. Megan Draney, Desert Hills, 54.64; 4. Becca Selznick, Park City, 54.93; 5. Jess Espinoza, Juan Diego, 56.14; 6. Lydia Harrell, Stansbury, 56.22

500-yard freestyle: 1. Alandra McDowell, Park City, 5:11.10; 2. Siena Senn, Park City, 5:13.76; 3. Sabine Caplin, Park City, 5:37.95; 4. Megan Flake, Park City, 5:38.21; 5. Shelby Bulkley, Payson, 5:39.30; 6. Alina Barnes, Dixie, 5:39.99

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Park City (Rozie Selznick, Blaire McDowell, Siena Senn, Alandra McDowell) 1:40.39; 2. Cedar City (Katelyn Gross, Brei McQuivey, Eliza Hafen, Kristen Gross) 1:41.85; 3. Snow Canyon (Erin Call, Sydney White, Ashlin Newman, Tiffany Farris) 1:46.17; 4. Juan Diego (Maddie Lambert, Jaclyn Testone, Hope Feliciano, Jess Espinoza) 1:46.90; 5. Richfield (Savannah Weber, Melissa Jensen, Sophie Murdock, Victoria Greenwood) 1:53.34; 6. Carbon (Sadie Crompton, Kaisha Lott, Susannah Ohlwiler, Suparada Chaobol) 1:55.39

100-yard backstroke: 1. Katie Hale, Park City, 58.45; 2. Mara Selznick, Park City, 58.90; 3. Jaclyn Testone, Juan Diego, 1:00.27; 4. Tiffany Farris, Snow Canyon, 1:01.30; 5. Allie Watt, Pine View, 1:02.20; 6. Kayla Greer, Dixie, 1:02.49

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Blaire McDowell, Park City, 1:06.00; 2. Joelle Hess, Park City, 1:06.69; 3. Lily Tyler, Park City, 1:11.60; 4. Savannah Thomas, Grantsville, 1:11.96; 5. Cassidy Evans, Tooele, 1:13.23; 6. Brei McQuivey, Cedar City, 1:13.45

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Park City (Rozie Selznick, Siena Senn, Katie Hale, Becca Selznick) 3:37.67; 2. Desert Hills (Zoe Smith, Molly McCoy, Abby McCoy, Megan Draney) 3:47.22; 3. Juan Diego (Jamie Espinoza, Jaclyn Testone, Hope Feliciano, Jess Espinoza) 3:53.30; 4. Cedar City (Brei McQuivey, Aspen Bonzo, Madeline Hanks, Eliza Hafen) 3:55.19; 5. Dixie (Alyssa Pantelakis, Ashlee McBride, Alina Barnes, Kayla Greer) 3:56.04; 6. Uintah (Luaryn Talbot, Kristen Kicenski, Riley Kelley, Sage Bingham) 4:11.86

Boys results

Final team standings: 1. Park City, 434.5; 2. Cedar City, 257; 3. Juan Diego, 240; 4. Dixie, 203; 5. Desert Hills, 184; 6. Bear River, 181

100-yard butterfly: 1. Lucas Hess, Park City, 53.21; 2. Hunter McKenzie, Juan Diego, 56.01; 3. David Ferris, Park City, 56.29; 4. Ivan Cataluna, Dixie, 57.41; 5. Camden Snow, Desert Hills, 57.76; 6. Jedd Kjar, Cedar City, 58.99

100-yard freestyle: 1. Nathan Wallace, Canyon View, 48.74; 2. Adam Heiner, Ben Lomond, 49.71; 3. Alan Anderson, Canyon View, 50.30; 4. Nathan Hook, Dixie, 50.64; 5. Woodey Greer, Juan Diego, 51.75; 6. Connor Stolfa, Juan Diego, 52.03

500-yard freestyle: 1. Colby Clark, Cedar City, 4:54.57; 2. Cole Peterson, Park City, 4:59.66; 3. Drew Sipple, Park City, 5:02.73; 4. Alex Yokubison, Park City, 5:06.82; 5. David Ferris, Park City, 5:07.61; 6. Hunter McKenzie, Juan Diego, 5:15.11

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Park City (Vincent Hess, Ryan Graves, Lucas Hess, Jinwon Bailar) 1:28.29; 2. Juan Diego (Jordan Hendrickson, Luke Opitz, Woodey Greer, Connor Stolfa) 1:32.12; 3. Canyon View (Logan Florence, Alan Anderson, Karter Brown, Nathan Wallace) 1:33.16; 4. Bear River (Payton Ellis, Zackery Thomas, Ryan Kerby, Riley Parkinson) 1:33.77; 5. Cedar City (Calvin Brown, Jedd Kjar, Dallin Corry, Tyler Rawlinson) 1:34.65; 6. Dixie (Hector Munoz, Cole Mayoros, Luke Hager, Nathan Hook) 1:36.15

100-yard backstroke: 1. Jinwon Bailar, Park City, 52.05; 2. Cole Peterson, Park City, 54.12; 3. Alex Knight, Cedar City, 54.62; 4. Alec Chournos, Bear River, 57.35; 5. Nathan Hook, Dixie, 59.48; 6. Luke Opitz, Juan Diego, 59.75

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Vincent Hess, Park City, 1:03.25; 2. Bryant Karratti, Desert Hills, 1:03.62; 3. Felix Weingartner, Cedar City, 1:04.11; 4. Jordan Hendrickson, Juan Diego, 1:04.67; 5. Tyler Hermann, Uintah, 1:05.62; 6. Calvin Brown, Cedar City, 1:06.06

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Park City (Lucas Hess, Cole Peterson, Vincent Hess, Jinwon Bailar) 3:13.34; 2. Cedar City (Alex Knight, Calvin Brown, Tyler Rawlinson, Colby Clark) 3:25.85; 3. Canyon View (Logan Florence, Karter Brown, Alan Anderson, Nathan Wallace) 3:25.87; 4. Juan Diego (Hunter McKenzie, Woodey Greer, Nathan Nicolodemos, Evan Stolfa) 3:31.17; 5. Desert Hills (Clay Hatch, Josh Weiland, Camden Snow, Bryant Karratti) 3:32.47; 6. Dixie (Jordan Goff, Hector Munoz, Ivan Cataluna, Luke Hager) 3:34.83


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