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Millionth aquarium visitors win Hawaiian vacation

DRAPER — The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium welcomed its 1 millionth visitor on Monday, rewarding patrons Troy and Kendra Yates with a family aquarium membership and a four-person trip to Hawaii, courtesy of Wells Fargo.

The Aquarium opened in Draper less than a year ago in March 2014. As of noon on Monday, it has served over 1 million people, reaching what aquarium staff called "a major milestone."

Kendra Yates said winning the trip was a "shocker"; in fact, she worried that her family wouldn't even make it in to the aquarium.

"We started to worry that there might be a maximum occupancy and we wouldn't make it in," Yates said. "(A staff member) started counting people, and I thought it was going to be too full and he was going to turn us away. But then he said, 'million, you're the millionth!'"

The Yates family was then pulled onstage, where they were given leis and a hula lesson by a troupe of Polynesian dancers.

Yates said the family will use the trip to celebrate her son's upcoming high school graduation.

"We've been looking at what to do for vacation … and trying to figure out what we could save up for," Yates said. "This is awesome — much better than saving up for something not nearly as good. This is great."


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