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FoxMind Games: 4 games for all ages

FoxMind is an award-winning company that offers games that are easy to learn, quick to play, smart and fun. Created in 2000, the company won the Game of the Year award in France with one of its first games, Squad 7. Here are four reviews of FoxMind games:

Last Mouse Lost is the simplest two-player game I’ve ever played. It retails for $8 and has a single rubber game piece that looks like a small waffle. The circular rubberized playing piece contains rows of bubblelike mounds with pictures of mice on them. A player presses down on one or more bubbles in a row and passes the waffle to the second player. The second player then does the same and passes the waffle back. Play goes back and forth with one goal — avoid pressing the last bubble mound. I was not impressed with the game and would not recommend it.

Time in a Box is an unusual game developed by a child psychologist. The goal is for a child and parent or grandparent to spend time together and share meaningful experiences, using the game as a medium. It is beautifully packaged and opens like a deep keepsake book with 96 activity cards separated into seasons of the year. One card may suggest building a blanket fort, playing a board game together or doing an act of kindness for a stranger. The box can serve as a place to keep photos or memories associated with the activity. The game is an interesting idea.

Fingo! is a card game about thinking quickly and using one's hands. Players lay 10 cards on the table, each card depicting two hands with any number of fingers raised. One player counts to three and the game begins. Each player holds up a hand with any number of fingers raised. Then, players try to add two other players' raised fingers to match a card on the table. When a match is made, a player grabs the card. Players score points for collecting cards. This is a simple, frantic and fun game. Players must police themselves to make sure they don’t grab cards without merit.

Smart Cookies is the best game of this lot. It is a single-player logic game designed to test deductive reasoning and puzzle solving abilities. The game comes with wonderful game pieces, including nine plastic cookies in three colors and shapes, a puzzle book and a 3-by-3 grid cookie sheet (nine spaces). The goal is to place cookies in the right spots on the cookie sheet. A player begins with the first puzzle in the book and follows the clues to decide how to place the cookies. Should the square yellow cookie go in the middle? What about the blue triangle cookie? The puzzles gradually get more difficult and unforgiving. Players can see solutions at the back of the clue book. For those who enjoy logic puzzles and games, this is a worthy buy.