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Courage to raise taxes

Don Milne does not appreciate the fact that much of what we do is done by a differed payment system (“Taxes for babies,” Feb. 18). We build roads and pay for them with 30-year bonds. The same is done for schools, airports and many other public projects. Most important, however, is that Healthy Utah should be supported for other reasons:

1. First and foremost, it is the right thing to do. We have a moral obligation to provide adequate health care to all our citizens.

2. Healthy Utah is cost-effective, providing substantial savings in social costs that develop when people do not have adequate health care; i.e. loss in productivity, emergency care, etc.

3. Unless those in need have health care, that "baby in the crib" may not live long enough to vote.

Of course, if the Legislature had the courage to increase taxes we could (as Milne suggests) have "existing taxpayers pay for it."

Donald Thomas

Salt Lake City