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Desert prison

The water shortage in Tooele County is one more reason to not relocate the prison to Tooele County. Unlike Salt Lake County, which draws upon multiple watershed streams to supply culinary water sources, Tooele County residents rely entirely on groundwater for their culinary water. Groundwater tables in the county are lowering, so to even consider locating a huge, water-thirsty enterprise like a prison in the desert is crazy. Grantsville City and Tooele City have both passed resolutions to prevent water or sewer access to a prison.

The best location for a new prison is somewhere on the currently state-owned land in Draper. Water, sewer, gas, electrical, roads and other infrastructure are already in place, which will save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Just build new on a small portion of the current land, then relocate to the new prison, tear down the old prison and develop all the rest of the land.

Don't buy into the misinformation telling us that we have to move the prison; we don't.

Eric Johnsen