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On Second Thought: Boston snow-jumping, Wal-Mart raises and more

Heavy equipment works on a mound of snow that has been cleared from city streets at a "snow farm" in Boston, Monday, Feb. 16, 2015.
Heavy equipment works on a mound of snow that has been cleared from city streets at a "snow farm" in Boston, Monday, Feb. 16, 2015.
Michael Dwyer, Associated Press

A lighthearted look at news of the day

Just think, if our ancestors had possessed cellphone cameras and YouTube, they might also have thought to jump from their second story windows onto snow banks in the winter, wearing only their underwear.

Go to YouTube and type in “Boston snow jump” to get in on the fun. Actually, it’s a little-known fact that people did this type of thing during the great Northeast blizzard of 1888, but Alexander Graham Bell couldn’t figure out how to get his contraption to take photographs. “Watson, come here! I want you … to hold this while I jump out the window!”

The mayor of Boston felt it necessary to go on TV last week and issue a stern warning against people jumping from their second-story windows into the snow. “This isn’t Loon Mountain,” he said. Apparently on Loon Mountain, resorts feel it’s OK to bypass elevators and show up for breakfast caked in ice and in your skivvies.

Loon Mountain — isn’t that located right between Toon Town and Funky Town?

Bostonians are just glad the mayor didn’t also tell them not to jump on their beds or talk with their mouths full, or to dump water over their heads to raise money for ALS.

The FAA issued a draft of proposed new rules last week governing drones. Bottom line: Amazon won’t be delivering anything through the air anytime soon, unless it’s a bomb addressed to a terrorist hiding in the deserts of Pakistan.

President Obama decided to promote the acting director of the Secret Service to the permanent head of the agency last week. The president wanted to tell him personally, but he couldn’t open the White House door because of all the new locks.

That was OK, because when the new director, Joe Clancy, heard the news, he reportedly came running and hopped over the White House fence.

Wal-Mart has announced it will raise its beginning pay to $9 per hour. I guess that’s easier than trying to get Congress to raise the minimum wage.

Now if Wal-Mart could just figure out a way to provide a decent clothing and grooming allowance to some of its customers.

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