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Today's must-read faith and family stories

Eddie Redmayne poses in the press room with the award for best actor in a leading role for The Theory of Everything at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Eddie Redmayne poses in the press room with the award for best actor in a leading role for The Theory of Everything at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Jordan Strauss, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about faith and family-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

Some of these stories will find their way to The Pulse, a curated list of the top news stories of the day on our homepage. Others will pop up in our articles. So scan the entire email or focus on the section that interests you most, and don't forget to send us your feedback.

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How many kids grow up with their married mom and dad? — The Daily Signal

Strong parental bond helps protect shy babies from future anxiety — Psych Central

When kids think parents play favorites, it can spell trouble — NPR

He was ready to be a stepdad. Was I ready to let him? — The New York Times


The leadership crucible — Christianity Today

Are butterflies a new creation after all? — Christianity Today

A new era for Jesus culture — Relevant magazine

The power of belief: 6 ways being spiritual will improve you and your life — Elite Daily

Love religion, but hate intolerance? Try Buddhism — Pacific Standard magazine

Believing with our bodies — Patheos

The most ignored Commandment — Relevant magazine

A nation of ‘suspect thy neighbor’ — Christianity Today

Should we pray for the defeat of ISIS, or their conversion? — Russell Moore


How we talk about our teachers — NPR

If your teacher likes you, you might get a better grade — NPR

When pot goes from illegal to recreational, schools face a dilemma — NPR

Expelled in preschool — Hechinger Report

The myth of the Minecraft curriculum — The Atlantic

Virtual education: Genuine benefits or real-time demerits? — The Atlantic

Whose history? — Inside Higher Education

Schools weigh access to students' social-media passwords — Education Week

As Common-Core test season begins, teachers feel pressure — Education Week

Steps for applying design thinking to build and evolve schools — Mind/Shift

An online kingdom come — The Chronicle of Higher Education


Oscars 2015: Birdman v Boyhood - did the best film win? — BBC

... and the Oscar goes to: these kids! — HLN TV

Oscars 2015: Academy tries to highlight diversity onstage — The Los Angeles Times

J.K. Simmons urges people to call their moms in his Oscars speech — Business Insider

Patricia Arquette steals Oscars with rousing speech calling for wage equality in Hollywood, nation — CBS

7 inspiring and emotional Oscars quotes from backstage and onstage — Mashable

Oscar winners thank God a lot in acceptance speeches, but not as often as you'd think — HuffPost Religion

Don't worry, Julianne Moore's marriage is safe. The Oscar Curse is a myth. — The New Republic

McFarland, USA — Christianity Today

The woman behind Marvel's newest team of heroines — NPR

Western Muslims swipe right to find their match on ‘Minder’ — The Daily Beast

Pastor's big warning: Something many people do from the privacy of their cell phones and computers is fueling the 'cycle of sex slavery' — The Blaze


Nicholas Eberstadt: The global flight from the family — The Wall Street Journal

Minneapolis's white lie — The Atlantic

Do your income and debt levels affect the length of your life? This map suggests so. — The Daily Signal

We don’t have a wage gap problem, but Hollywood and the White House do — The Federalist

New app that simplifies food assistance, healthcare benefits to help millions of families in need — HuffPost Impact


Why you’re probably going to get a raise this year — Time magazine

The sound of intellect: Job seeker's voice reveals intelligence —

How to use LinkedIn to advance your career — Forbes

How to keep an office romance from sinking your career — Time money

How to tell if you’re a jerk at work — The Wall Street Journal

The smart way to create a transparent workplace — The Wall Street Journal

The real reason bonuses aren’t paid out fairly — BBC

Workday malaise? Take a walk — Scientific American

Americans are running out of office space — Time magazine

As office space shrinks, so does privacy for workers — The New York Times

How to work forever — if you want to — BBC

Retirement: When you should take Social Security — USA Today

Women are leaving the tech industry in droves — The Los Angeles Times

Why I am stepping out of the debate on women in technology — The Washington Post

No dogs allowed: San Francisco's pet housing crisis — CNN Money

Why flying stinks, and you're still paying more — CNN Money

Why does the gas station across the street have higher prices? — Pacific Standard magazine

3 ways to cut the fat from your budget—and save more — Time magazine

You're probably not saving enough. Here's how to change that. — Vox


Kids, allergies and a possible downside to squeaky clean dishes — NPR

Lots of seniors are overweight, but few use free counseling for it — NPR

People with disabilities can easily find accessible spots with this app — The Huffington Post

4 mistakes parents make at the pediatrician's office — The Huffington Post

WHO urges shift to single-use smart syringes — BBC

How long can we stay awake? — BBC

11 early signs of dementia — Everyday Health

Are you secretly an introvert? — Time magazine

Why eating late at night may be bad for your brain —

Health care open stable career path, taken mainly by women — NYT Now

Anti-vaxxers are wrong about why autism has increased—but don't tell them that — The New Republic

Why we didn’t vaccinate our child — Quartz

Does pacing back and forth actually help anxiety? — Mashable


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