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Today's must-read faith and family stories

A New York Waterway ferry navigates through ice on the East River near the Brooklyn Bridge, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, in New York. A wide swath of the country is experiencing record-breaking temperatures while other areas are expecting more winter precipita
A New York Waterway ferry navigates through ice on the East River near the Brooklyn Bridge, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, in New York. A wide swath of the country is experiencing record-breaking temperatures while other areas are expecting more winter precipitation Tuesday. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
Richard Drew, AP

Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about faith and family-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

Some of these stories will find their way to The Pulse, a curated list of the top news stories of the day on our homepage. Others will pop up in our articles. So scan the entire email or focus on the section that interests you most, and don't forget to send us your feedback.

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How to parent like a German — Time magazine

Your bond with your baby will affect him as a teen — Fox News

How this mother of seven children does it — The Federalist

Watch radio show hosts surprise grieving mom with beautiful gift after son's death — The Huffington Post

Couple married 67 years dies holding hands, just hours apart — The Huffington Post

Culture's big lie about marriage — Relevant magazine


Make new friends, keep texting the old — Christianity Today

Are we missing something important about prayer? — Relevant magazine

The failure of macho Christianity — The New Republic

Making sure children actually hear the Gospel and not just a bunch of Bible stories — Christianity Today

D.C. Bible museum will be immersive experience, organizers say — NPR

Part 'none,' part Jewish, all teenager -- and leery about anti-Semitism in Europe — The Los Angeles Times

Is Pope Francis yogaphobic? — Religion Dispatches

World Christianity by the numbers — Denver Catholic

Muslim Americans widely seen as victims of discrimination — HuffPost Religion

5 reasons churches need diversity — OnFaith


Ten reasons people still need cursive — The Federalist

How a ‘dyslexic black boy’ fell in love with words — Al Jazeera

A proposal that gives charter schools a chance — The Washington Post

More conflict over cutting federal role in education — The New York Times

Why the teacher’s pet resembles the teacher — Mind/Shift

Stop blaming teachers and relying on tests — The Hartford Courant

Preventing suicide with a 'contagion of strength' — NPR

Your kid’s school is missing the tech revolution, and it’s all your fault — WIRED

College? Career tech? In Nashville, teens do both — NPR

Los Angeles drops iPads for all program — Education News

Sext ed? Ontario's new sexual education plan to include Internet advice — Al Jazeera

Who should decide how students learn about America’s past? — The Atlantic

You can now get college credit without ever taking a class — Time magazine

How to make college cheaper — NYT Opinion


Tim Howard opens up about Tourette's, divorce and wanting to be a soccer dad — CNN

The 'Parks And Rec' finale flash forwards gave us 12 happy endings — The Huffington Post

‘Parks and Rec’ saw the best in millennials — Relevant magazine

‘Parks and Recreation’ is a love letter to America as we wish it could be — Vox

Reddit bans nude photos posted without consent — The Huffington Post

The Powerpuff Girls redefined what little girls are made of — The Atlantic

Once a cheat, always a cheat: Why we should cut A-Rod from our lives — Elite Daily

Fact-checking grandma — AEON

When 'Penthouse' magazine came calling — First Things


Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to New York City’s public schools — Time magazine

Minimum wage for New York City’s tipped workers will increase to $7.50 — The New York Times

How 14,000 workers managed to slow down the entire economy — The Atlantic

Behind LA's dramatic decline in gang violence — HuffPost Impact

How libraries are adapting to help homeless find jobs, health services — HuffPost Impact

Disney princesses depicted as acid attack survivors reflect global fight against atrocity — HuffPost Impact

Malnourished families wait to eat so everyone is fed, teach us a lesson in compassion — HuffPost Impact

The cities where rent is rising the fastest — Forbes


The CEO with no home — BBC

Battling my Daemons — Slate

21 employee perks that attract the best talent — Forbes

Basic personality changes linked to unemployment, study finds — The American Psychological Association

I don’t have a job. I have a higher calling — The Wall Street Journal

It's time for busy ladies to give it a rest — Christianity Today

You’re doing allowance wrong — Slate

Making a better case for paternity leave — Chicago Business

$6,788 a month! Look at what interns earn at the 14 best tech internships in 2015 — Business Insider

Millennials dropping out of labor force, while more seniors are working — The Daily Signal

Give millennials a bailout — Bloomberg

Millennials are beating everyone else in an area you'd never expect — Mic

5 steps to a richer life in retirement — USA Today

Robots to the rescue for Japan's aging population —

Hispanics could account for 40% of U.S. job growth by 2020 — The Wall Street Journal

Why having babies on Mars will be no small feat — Forbes


The numbers are in: As many as 2 in 3 smokers will die from their habit — Eureka Alert

Younger women hesitate to say they're having a heart attack — NPR

WHO 'taken aback' by measles outbreaks — BBC

Saunas might be good for your health — Fox News

How eyelash length keeps your eyes healthy — The Times of India

New poll: Americans want mandatory vaccines — Newsweek

Food habits getting worse around the world — The New York Times

Is it really safe to give babies peanut butter? — The Atlantic

How smartphones hurt sleep — The Atlantic

On death row, women want salad for last meal — The Daily Beast

They don’t want an autism cure — The Daily Beast

Exploring the metaphysics of love — NPR

Why you shouldn't pop pimples — and 9 other things to know about acne — Vox

An unexpected therapy for Alzheimer's is gaining major traction — Mic

Day dreaming helps the mind in doing complex tasks later — The Times of India


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