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Letter: Medically fragile

Fifteen years ago, at 51, I was saved from a fatal heart attack by angioplasty. Two spinal-disc surgeries, at age 41 and 51, have allowed me to remain physically active and productive enough to build a business and raise a family. Without health insurance, I’d be crippled or dead long ago.

The fact is that we are all “medically fragile.” We all need access to routine medical care to stay healthy and avoid medical bankruptcy or premature death.

Please urge your legislators to vote for SB164, Gov. Gary Herbert’s Healthy Utah insurance plan. With it we can extend health insurance to 146,000 Utahns, allowing them to live healthier, more productive lives and saving hundreds each year from preventable death.

Which is the greater evil: accepting “tainted” federal money (our own taxes coming back to us), or refusing to help our neighbors in need?

Steve Lewis

Park City