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Power to raise budgets

Wouldn’t it be nice if we, as private citizens, could just raise our own salaries whenever our budgets got a bit tight? This is exactly how government at all levels approaches the issue. Instead of acting responsibly and living within its means, as private citizens in the real world are required to do, the solution to budget shortfalls is just to raise taxes. It’s an easy way out for them, as it would be for any private citizen with that kind of power.

The government, at all levels, has plenty of my money and your money already. It needs to cut all the wasteful expenditures and live within its means, like real people do. It’s difficult, and painful, and everyone can’t have everything they want, just like in the real world. But that’s what we’re paying them for.

Give me all your sob stories about why we need to raise the gas tax, or the ZAP tax, or whatever other tax of the day is under discussion. I have never, and will never, vote to raise taxes and perpetuate this kind of irresponsible behavior.

Spencer Smith