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Couple grateful for help they received while caring for identical triplets

ST. GEORGE — The news of parents having triplets is a joyous time, but for the Saxtons, the joys also brought some added stress most people don’t have.

That’s because up until a few days ago, the Saxtons didn’t have a place to call home.

Khylie Saxton, 22, found out she was having identical triplets, which were conceived naturally, during her first appointment to find out if she was pregnant.

“It was really overwhelming,” she said. “Once it finally sunk in, I was scared. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I knew that we would be able to figure it out and we would be OK.”

On Oct. 14, after spending 10 weeks on bed rest at a hospital, Khylie Saxton gave birth to MayHem, Miles and McCoy. The babies all weighed less than 4 pounds and were in the neonatal intensive care unit until Nov. 14.

“It’s very humbling,” said the babies' father, Devin Saxton. “It’s nothing you can really explain. It goes from fear to happy real quick.”

Devin Saxton said he was scared at first, and “when you see them, it’s just a wave of emotions that you can’t really explain.”

For Khylie Saxton, becoming a mother was scary, she said.

“I had my doubts on how I was going to do it, them being the first kids and knowing that (Devin Saxton) would probably be at work and it would just be me, but I have the help if I need it. We can always call his mom and she’ll come right over.”

The couple was married Dec. 23.

Devin Saxton, 29, also has a 5-year-old son, Riley, who is living with them as well.

After living 10 weeks in the hospital, the family lived with a family. Then less than two weeks ago, they moved into the Switchpoint Community Resource Center, a homeless facility in St. George that’s been open for five months.

“In a train track, (the switchpoint) that changes the direction of the train, it might change them only 6 degrees, and they are going to a completely different part of the country,” said Carol Hollowell, the center's executive director. “That’s what we are trying to do — provide resources and tools to individuals and families so they can have a better direction in their life.”

The Saxtons stayed in the shelter for less than two weeks. Then a St. George man heard of the family’s plight and donated the use of his condo for six weeks. The family moved out of the shelter into the condo Sunday.

It’s actually a really big relief, and I’ve really seen a difference in the babies,” Khylie Saxton said. “Like that first night, like having a more homey place. It smelled like a home. It feels like a home. They slept amazing that first night compared to normal because when we first went to Switchpoint, one of the problems with them was the first three nights we were there, they didn’t sleep at all. They kept me and Devin up all night.”

Khylie Saxton said she thought it was because of all the stress and just the loud environment of the shelter. She said she is grateful that the shelter offered them a roof over their heads when they needed one.

“It’s really nice to have somewhere else now and have more space to be able to handle the babies,” she said.

After the six weeks are up, Switchpoint will help the family find a more permanent place to live and would pay the Saxtons’ first month’s rent and deposit.

A new place to live temporarily isn’t the only donation the family has received. Khylie Saxton said someone donated a triple stroller, which they can use when the babies are a little older. One person ordered a triple stroller they will be able to use as soon as it arrives in the next few days. They have also received donations of food and diapers.

Devin Saxton had a job but needed to care for his wife while she was on bed rest. He said his employer couldn’t keep him on for that long.

He said he has a few leads on a new job and had an interview set up for Tuesday.

“I’ve always been about family,” Devin Saxton said. “I think family should come first. The least I could do is rock two jobs if I have to.”

Contributing: Stace Hall