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Where did your senator go to college?

How elite is your senator? Tyler Hakes at College Raptor has put together an infographic of alma maters in the U.S. Senate.

Some of the results are expected. "Many of the nation’s top colleges and universities have a long history of educating our country’s legislators, and this Senate class is not an exception—Harvard, Yale and Stanford represent 15 percent of the incoming class, alone," Hakes writes.

Harvard tops with the list with seven senators as alumni, while BYU, Dartmouth, Stanford and Yale tie for second with four each. Missouri and Georgetown each have three.

While many senators graduated from schools outside of their home states, there is a geographical tilt through much of the country. BYU's four senators include two serving Utah and one each representing neighboring Idaho and Arizona.

Two states split their senators between local football rivals: Kansas and Kansas State, and Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Two GOP senators earned advanced degrees without college degrees. Rand Paul from Kentucky went straight to Duke Medical School, and John Boozman of Arkansas graduated from the Southern College of Optometry without earning a bachelor's degree.

If the list had covered governors as well as senators there would have been an interesting asterisk on Wisconsin, where Scott Walker has been elected three times without earning a college degree. He dropped out of college during his senior year to take a job with the Red Cross, planning to return.

Walker has his eyes on the White House and, if he wins a presidential election, he would be the first president elected without a college degree since Grover Cleveland in 1885. That does not include Harry Truman, who first became president without being elected to the office after Franklin Roosevelt died.