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Misusing HOV lanes

I could make all kinds of cracks about not having to raise the gasoline tax if they would just enforce the use of the HOV lane on the freeway, but I won’t. The truth is, the illegal use of that lane is very dangerous and not at all a laughing matter.

People move in and out of that lane at will. I have even seen single-person cars use the “line break” areas to enter the lane, pass someone and exit the lane, all before the solid line reappears. However, the biggest danger is when the normal lanes are slowed to a crawl by rush-hour traffic or an accident. As the difference in speed between the HOV and the other lanes increases, the danger caused by those crossing the solid line increases significantly.

I believe law enforcement personnel need to clamp down on those crossing the solid line. I would even advocate for flexible tubing to be mounted along the solid line every 50 feet or so, so those trying to cross may likely come in contact with one or more of those poles — just enough to remind them they "messed up."

Jeff Porter