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Fossil fuel addiction

About that bad air that we experience on the Wasatch Front: please understand that it is, one way or another, the product of combustion.

Over the past two centuries, we clever humans have discovered and unearthed fossil fuels that were deposited over many millennia.

We are combusting that coal/oil/gas to create energy. That energy has allowed us to build great knowledge, great harvests, great cities and great pollution of our atmosphere. Science has been telling us for over 40 years that carbon dioxide is accumulating in our atmosphere at an accelerating pace. We are beginning to observe weird climatic events. There are more to come — unless our fossil fuel addiction is mastered.

If you don’t burn it, you don’t have to breathe it.

We can make energy without combustion from sun, wind, tides, etc. All these are free, inexhaustible and nonpolluting. We need only the wisdom to change course.

Naomi Franklin

Salt Lake City