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High school wrestling: Syracuse impresses in win at 5A divisional meet

Syracuse's wrestling team celebrates its 5A Divisional B title at Alta High School on Saturday.
Syracuse's wrestling team celebrates its 5A Divisional B title at Alta High School on Saturday.
James Edward

SANDY — Syracuse coach Troy Brown admits everyone not named Pleasant Grove is likely competing for second place at next week’s 5A state tournament.

In saying that, he was pretty pleased with the way his Titans competed at the 5A divisional B meet at Alta High on Saturday, saying, “we ended up with 17 (state qualifiers), which I think gives us a chance to hang around next week and see what happens.”

Syracuse finished third last season, but by winning the 5A divisional at Alta and qualifying 17 wrestlers to state, Brown is hopeful for a better finish at next week’s 5A state tournament at UVU.

The Region 1 champion Titans captured the divisional title by tallying 375.5 points, followed by Layton in second with 346.5 points and Copper Hills in third with 292 points.

While Syracuse finished with three individual champs, nine of its other state qualifiers finished in the top four, which gives the Titans a better draw for state.

“We got a good portion in the top four, which is important, it gives you a little bit more breathing room in the first round, but no matter what you better be ready to go,” said Brown.

Syracuse and Davis were the only teams that finished with three individual champs.

Syracuse's Bryce Brimhall prevailed at 113 pounds, while Seth Rich won at 138 pounds and Ramiro Meredith was a surprise winner at 220 pounds.

“I’m amazingly proud of Ramiro. He’s one of those kids who really struggled when he was younger. As a sophomore and junior, to look at where he is now, that’s one of those stories that makes you real proud to coach a kid like that,” said Brown.

Brimhall earned the No. 1 seed by beating Layton’s Tanner Benedict 8-1 in the final. Just a few weeks ago, Benedict beat Brimhall in the Syracuse-Layton dual meet, and Brown said he wouldn’t be surprised if they meet again in the state final next week.

“He’s seen both sides of it, so hopefully he can come with a new strategy next week,” said Brown.

Davis’ three individual champs were Kade Evans (106 pounds), Steven Spjut (170) and Wyatt Koellling (195)

Other winners from the 5A divisional meet were: American Fork’s Cameron Hunsaker (120), Cottonwood’s Jacob Knapp (126), Viewmont’s Ryan Winger (132), Brighton’s Luke Davis (145), Layton’s Austin Clem (152), Viewmont’s Curtis Smith (160), West’s Will Lang (182) and Copper Hills’ Braxton Weixler (285).

5A Divisional B

At Alta High School

Team scores

1. Syracuse, 375.5; 2. Layton, 346.5; 3. Copper Hills, 292; 4. Davis, 269.5; 5. Viewmont, 204; 6 (tie). American Fork, Brighton, 163; 8. Bingham, 157.

Individual results

106 — Championship, Kade Evans, Davis def. Coby Vandertoolen, Bingham, 6-2; 3. Colten Eden, Syracuse; 4. Tyler Clophus, Alta; 5. Dalton Stutzman, Layton; 6. Jaden Nelson, Syracuse; 7. Scott Kerlo, Copper Hills; 8. John Lyon, Alta.

113 — Championship, Bryce Brimhall, Syracuse def. Tanner Benedict, Layton, 8-1; 3. Jordan Marshall, Copper Hills; 4. Joshua Bartholomew, American Fork; 5. Wyatt Ellis, Davis; 6. Austin Martinez, Syracuse; 7. James Holman, American Fork; 8. Jason Brugger, Bingham.

120 — Championship, Cameron Hunsaker, American Fork def. Braxton Ocana, Layton, 15-3; 3. Elijiah McKay, Davis; 4. Kyler Aullman, Syracuse; 5. Jayden Marshall, Copper Hills; 6. Christian Swenson, Bingham; 7. Colton Brower, Syracuse; 8. Anthony Brady, American Fork.

126 — Championship, Jacob Knapp, Cottonwood def. Joey Revelli, Copper Hills, 5-2; 3. Jackson Wilson, American Fork; 4. Brayden Stevens, Brighton; 5. Colton Berger, Syracuse; 6. Parker Edgington, Davis; 7. Christian Sainsbury, Bingham; 8. Shion Abe, Viewmont.

132 — Championship, Ryan Winger, Viewmont def. Brandon Wilson, Syracuse, 7-0; 3. Brady Stout, Layton; 4. Austin Walker, Lone Peak; 5. Taylor Heath, Alta; 6. Landon Anderson, Copper Hills; 7. Sam Tyler, West; 8. Tayler Durfee, American Fork.

138 — Championship, Seth Rich, Syracuse def. Cole Moody, Bingham, 15-4; 3. Steven Quintana, Layton; 4. Baylor Green, Davis; 5. David Kim, Viewmont; 6. Porter Johnson, American Fork; 7. Landon Memmott, Layton; 8. Davis Reynaud, Brighton.

145 — Championship, Luke Davis, Brighton def. Oscar Rodriguez, Layton, 3-1; 3. Braxton Anderson, Syracuse; 4. Morgan Palmer, American Fork; 5. Wyatt Knowlton, Davis; 6. Zach Davidson, West; 7. Jordan McRae, Bingham; 8. Davis Wesche, Viewmont.

152 — Championship, Austin Clem, Layton def. Shawn Kelly, Layton, fall 5:34; 3. Jayden Burton, Syracuse; 4. Justin Smith, Viewmont; 5. Gunnar Leblanc, Davis; 6. Jonathan Olson, Copper Hills; 7. Brodee Henderson, Copper Hills; 8. Connor Sandstrom, American Fork.

160 — Championship, Curtis Smith, Viewmont def. Jacob Taylor, Lone Peak; 3. Colby Barnes, Davis; 4. Haden Furse, Syracuse; 5. James Porritt, Layton; 6. Branden Hudson, Copper Hills; 7. Gary Diaz, Layton; 8. Copper Hansen, Bingham.

170 — Championship, Steven Spjut, Davis def. Benjamin Sprehn, Syracuse, 10-4; 3. Dallon Woods, Alta; 4. Julius Rabi, Layton; 5. Braden Potter, Brighton; 6. Ian Peterson, Viewmont; 7. Quinten Westbrook, Copper Hills; 8. Benjamin Jensen, Syracuse.

182 — Championship, Will Lang, West def. Christian Smith, Davis, fall 2:44; 3. Keoni Larsen, Layton; 4. Cache Lowry, Syracuse; 5. Seth Morris, Viewmont; 6. Todd Perry, West Jordan; 7. Redken Delahunty, Alta; 8. Connor Jeppesen, Lone Peak.

195 — Championship, Wyatt Koelling, Davis def. Jordan Bagwell, Viewmont, 5-0; 3. Mason Moyes, Layton; 4. Jade Solomona, Copper Hills; 5. Zachary Barrett, Lone Peak; 6. Zachary Lowry, Brighton; 7. Dakota Dodds, Brighton; 8. Hayden Reed, Copper Hills.

220 — Championship, Ramiro Meredith, Syracuse def. Alex Rixe, Copper Hills, 5-4; 3. Joel Bolduc, Syracuse; 4. Zachariah Moore, Lone Peak; 5. Josh Fennell, Bingham; 6. Nick Flores, Brighton; 7. Jorden Nielsen, Viewmont; 8. Hector Arroyo.

285 — Championship, Braxton Weixler, Copper Hills def. Dylan Tucker, fall 1:31; 3. Wade Meacham, Layton; 4. Emmett Koozer, Brighton; 5. Gerardo Suarez, West; 6. Camden Hess, Davis; 7. Cesar Calvillo, Davis; 8. Craig Aguilar, Copper Hills.

Deseret News prep editor and Real Salt Lake beat writer.