I was saddened by the article on March 6 about the suicide of Missouri auditor Tom Schweich; I think that bullying is so far out of control we cannot even keep our eye on it. And it seems that the political parties are the very worst when it comes to bullying.

When the news media like the Today Show start complaining about the intensity of bullying, we know how serious it is. Our society today is getting so comfortable with violence, meanness and a complete lack of civility that we don't even seem to notice the horrible effects we have on others. I agree with the writer Kathleen Parker when she says we don't have decent people running for political office any more, and indeed, why would they want to?

If we don't have role models for our children to look up to, things in the near future will be much worse than they are now. I hope parents will recognize this problem and start to teach civility in their homes, protect their children and teach them how to treat others.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake