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With more sunlight brightening up the evenings, there seems to be so much more time to go out and enjoy the things you want to do. Spending the time to laboriously dust, vacuum, scrub and prep for spring can put a damper on all the other fun things on your to-do list.

Let the experts help you on your way to a spring pick-up while leaving you free to use that time to yourself with these seven great time-saving and money-saving deals.

Maid service

Get your house in tip-top shape without lifting a finger with M&O Professional House Cleaning. You'll love the four hours of extra time you'll save yourself to check off your other noteworthy to-do items; and better yet you won't have to get down and dirty scrubbing countertops, vacuuming carpets, dusting and more of those grimy household chores! See the deal.

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Fresh carpets

There's nothing kids like to do more than track in filth from their tromping around the neighborhood. It can take hours to scrub carpets, or rent a heavy machine to help you lift up the dirt. Make life easier with Clean Green Carpet Cleaning. They'll bring in the power of dirt removal to your house without harsh chemicals or soaps. In just a few hours, your carpets will be clean and dry and ready for life to come back at it full force. See the deal.

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Sofa cleaning

Perhaps your carpets are not the only place to see action, and your sofa or love seat have been compromised in the feet of little ones as they jump around, play lava or climb over them. With Total Home Care and Property Services, your lovely furniture will be just that again with the high suction and heat power that removes dirt, stains and soil that may be taking up residence with your family. Enjoy the steam clean that will leave you glad you can relax on your comfy couch once again. See the deal.

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True green

Don't let the neighbors talk this year about how dry, brown and awful your yard is looking. Get the experts at Pro Tilling to help you aerate your yard so your lawn can be the greenest one around. Aerating allows water to soak down into the lawn increasing its benefit while allowing you to water less. It's the perfect way to start this season. See the deal.

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Good as new

Duct tape isn't for fixing everything, not when your outdoor faucet is leaking. ESCO is here to the rescue with technicians specially outfitted to come and replace your old, leaky and broken hose faucet. Don't waste your water, or have it pool near your house where it can seep in and cause damage. Save time and money by getting it fixed. See the deal.

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Open sesame

Are you sometimes casting magic spells at your garage door so that it won't fall off, or opens properly? Get a tune-up on your door with A&B Overhead. You'll love the smooth way it raises with lubrication, necessary adjustments and be comforted with a summary of the condition of your garage door. See the deal.

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Start your engine

Sometimes the house is the easy thing to keep clean, you aren't in it all the time if you've got places to go. Maybe your car is where the living happens, and getting it washes, waxed and cleaned is just too hard. With Young Chevrolet, you can get your car fully detailed and have not just a clean exterior that's polished and waxed, but also a spotless interior with no dirt, clean carpets, and sparkling glass. See the deal.

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