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Today’s must-read faith and family stories

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In this Tuesday, March 10, 2015 photo, Gary Gustafson, 58, leads Linda Dewey, 54, up an icy trail on the summit cone of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The hikers waited about four weeks for a calm day before attempting the mountain that is  notorious

In this Tuesday, March 10, 2015 photo, Gary Gustafson, 58, leads Linda Dewey, 54, up an icy trail on the summit cone of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The hikers waited about four weeks for a calm day before attempting the mountain that is notorious for its erratic weather. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Robert F. Bukaty, AP

Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about faith and family-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

Some of these stories will find their way to The Pulse, a curated list of the top news stories of the day on our homepage. Others will pop up in our articles. So scan the entire email or focus on the section that interests you most, and don't forget to send us your feedback.

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Boy receives precious postcard from his father 2 years after his death — Today.com

How my mom’s cancer taught me the true meaning of beauty — BuzzFeed

Remarriage on the rise, driven by older adults — The Wall Street Journal

Die of a broken heart? It’s a real (though rare) danger — The Sacramento Bee

Invisible threat to maternal and child health — CNN

Mom with disabilities and daughter reunited after two-year court battle — The Daily Beast

Is your teen using apps to keep secrets? — CNN

Inactive children ‘become middle-aged couch potatoes’ — BBC

Irish senator worried marriage equality will ban Mother’s Day — BuzzFeed


Why are Americans happy & religious? — Juicy Ecumenism

Do-It-Yourself church unity — Christianity Today

Silent cries: How the church can help people with mental illness — Christianity Today

Minister Creflo Dollar asks for $60 million in donations for a new jet — CNN

Who was St. Patrick? Remembering the Catholic figure with more than just green beer — HuffPost Religion

A Christian nation? Since when? — NYT Opinion

Is your church bending the truth? — Fox News

New report confirms Christians in Britain face widespread discrimination — Breitbart

What does it look like to be a Christian feminist? — RELEVANT magazine

I don’t like going to church. Why should I keep attending? — RELEVANT magazine

‘The Drop Box,’ where disabled babies go to live — The Federalist


How to survive the college admissions madness — NYT Opinion

Yale Law School is deleting its admissions records, and there’s nothing students can do about it — The New Republic

One year since legalization, Colorado is literally building schools with weed money — Mic

More parents showing interest in whole genome sequencing — Education News

Data shows black students continue to be suspended — Education News

There is no ‘proper English’ — The Wall Street Journal

Oklahoma isn’t alone in race-related fraternity incidents — Fox News


Why Disney’s new Cinderella is the anti-Frozen — Time magazine

In defense of Cinderella’s stepmother — The Atlantic

Paul Feig says it’s still not getting better for women in Hollywood — The Huffington Post

Since Apple couldn’t be bothered, here are some free period and fertility tracking Apps — The Huffington Post

Facebook revamps its takedown guidelines — BBC

For tech titans, sharing has its limits — NYT Now

Kids read mean tweets and it was super upsetting — BuzzFeed

The Church of TED — The New York Times


How low social mobility hurts children — and what we need to do about it — Vox

Acid attack survivors pose as ‘Calendar Girls’ to redefine beauty — HuffPost Impact

Cops, social workers are joining forces to help homeless people get off the streets — HuffPost Impact


Managers turn to computer games, aiming for more efficient employees — NYT Now

People who use Firefox or Chrome are better employees — The Atlantic

How to manage up without ever leaving your cubicle — Quartz

How successful people overcome toxic bosses — Quartz

American women can finally expect equal pay—in the year 2058 — Quartz

Why the concept behind ‘lean in’ needs to be modified — Forbes

It’s too bad employees can’t be trusted — Forbes

Are job fairs making a comeback? — BBC

Working from home: Separating the real gigs from the scams — The Los Angeles Times

You are almost certainly starting salary negotiations wrong — Quartz

If you get a raise this year, thank a politician — Quartz

Is too much of my savings going into my retirement? — The Los Angeles Times

Are smartphones making us lazy thinkers? — Today.com

Yes, you can afford a private chef — BBC

Google is pleading with Firefox users to stop using Yahoo — Business Insider

One of tech’s most important investors says ‘you’ll see some dead unicorns this year’ among startups worth $1 billion — Business Insider

This high-school dropout built a $1 billion business selling phones nobody wanted — Business Insider


Aging baby boomers bring drug habits into middle age — The Wall Street Journal

A short walk reduces chocolate cravings — The Huffington Post

How women can wipe out Alzheimer’s — CNN

Smell something different at the gym? It might not be what you think — NPR

How far has the health of moms come since 1995? — NPR

A man’s incomplete brain reveals cerebellum’s role in thought and emotion — NPR

You can teach an old dog new tricks — Newsweek

Woman with rare genetic condition silences critics, becomes model — Fox News

Homeopathy doesn’t work, Australian experts say — Fox News

What happens to you on a plane: Scary health effects of flying — Fox News

Fit Nation: Finding the right life balance — CNN

How to teach doctors empathy — The Atlantic

How the world’s oldest people live so long — The Daily Beast

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