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What older men want young men to know about love — The Huffington Post

Bringing a daughter back from the brink with poems — The New York Times

The limits of talking about privilege to teenagers — The Atlantic

Most doctors give in to requests by parents to alter vaccine schedules — The New York Times


Why I make my kids go to church — Unremarkable Files blog

Five things you didn't know about Jesus — CNN

Jesus was a Jew — get over it — OnFaith

3D mapping the Christ the Redeemer statue — BBC

Prayer pays: City fines pastor’s wife $150 for loud devotions — Fox News

Why I’m coming out as a Christian — The Daily Beast

Making Christianity our national religion would be terrible for Christianity — The New Republic

Inside the fundamentalist troll hole of Christians Against Dinosaurs — Daily Dot

The Bible cause's ironic move to Philadelphia — Christianity Today

A moment of truth — Christianity Today


Why our children don’t think there are moral facts — The New York Times

How to educate boys — The New York Times

A standout student, a star at Goldman Sachs — and undocumented — NPR

As Common Core testing is ushered in, parents and students opt out — The New York Times

What this homeschool mom thinks about how the government regulates homeschooling — The Daily Signal

Seven out of ten Asian students are victims of rape, bullying or other violence — Quartz

Bad news for the class of 2008 — FiveThirtyEight

Are prestigious private colleges worth the cost? — The Wall Street Journal

Harvard and Stanford’s business schools don’t look as good as Brigham Young’s when you account for debt — Quartz

Read the letter written by 15 students who refuse to pay their student loans — Mic

College: I'll only go if I know (that I can afford it) — NPR

How to acknowledge a shameful past — The Atlantic

What animals teach us about measuring intelligence — The Atlantic


Too much Facebook leads to envy and depression — CNN Money

God was James Foley’s witness — The Boston Globe

How the Internet made modest fashion cool — The Atlantic

If I see blue, and you see white, why does it matter? — Christianity Today

The amazing grace of Leonard Nimoy — Jewish Daily Forward


Poor kids of Silicon Valley — CNN

Don't be soothed by Walmart pay hike — CNN

People with low incomes say they pay a price in poor health — NPR

Gap’s identity crisis is getting uglier — Quartz

Taking human trafficking awareness to the next level — RELEVANT magazine

A painstaking new study reveals the persistence of U.S. racial segregation — CityLab

A nearly recession-proof city is not slowing down — NPR


Is a prenup a must for most couples? — The Wall Street Journal

Personal income and spending misses expectations — Business Insider

How student debt stunts financial growth — The Atlantic

Student signs contract for part-time job, owns it like a football superstar — Mashable

Can't land a job because you're overqualified? — BBC

What it's like to go without complaining for a month — Fast Company

Study shows cost of after-work emails — Newser

Four ways to make sure all of your meetings end on time — Quartz

3 things no one told you about trying to succeed — RELEVANT magazine

Study shows secret to managing millennials can be summed up in one word — Forbes

Self promotion is a leadership skill — Forbes

Why startups fail, according to their founders — Fortune

How Waffle House could replace your post office — Fortune

How to “get into tech” if you’re not an obvious fit — Medium

What you should know before using a standing desk — Mic


The brother went to fight Ebola. So did his sister. Mom was 'a wreck' — NPR

When diary-keeping gets in the way of living — The Atlantic

What it’s like to need hardly any sleep — New York Magazine

When mental health is the best investment — Good Magazine

One billion young people risk hearing loss due to loud music — Slate

This is why your foot falls asleep (it's not just because of bad circulation) — Vox

This is what happens to your brain when you stop eating sugar — Quartz


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