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Bucket lists

I’m only 19, so hopefully I have plenty of life left to live. That being said, people find it strange that I have already started a lengthy bucket list. Most people don’t actually take the time to write down a list of things they wish to do before their time here is up; this is where people are making a mistake.

Everyone should have their own official bucket list. The list is personal to every individual and reflects personality, desires and priorities in life. Being able to check off an item once you’ve completed it gives a sense of accomplishment and a new feeling of eagerness to move on to the next.

A bucket list encourages taking advantage of all life has to offer. Whether your list is full of traveling locations, activities with friends or the challenge of trying every flavor of Ben and Jerry’s, make sure you write them all down and have a clear view of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

Rachel Kelson