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America needs change

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It’s pretty depressing to wake up almost every morning to read of another agenda item that President Obama is pursuing that makes a mockery of our hallowed past of free and constitutional government. Americans should have known what we were getting for a president when, even before becoming president, he trumpeted the notion of “hope and change.” In the years since then, I think we’ve come to understand just what he meant: his idea of “change” is that of America becoming an oligarchy or monarchy, and having a phone and a pen has accelerated the transition exponentially.

What this country needs is a new “hope and change” agenda with a real conservative leader like Ronald Reagan, who, when he/she makes a promise, would keep it. We need to “change” back to being the republic that the founders created.

One thing this country has never learned from the past is to incorporate George Washington’s “peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none” philosophy into practice.

I think the problem with America today is we are losing our ability to decipher correct constitutional governing principles from all other forms of government.

Richard Nielsen

South Jordan