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Kaysville woman gets new wheelchair ramps and her freedom back

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KAYSVILLE — Of all the deliveries workers with Alpine Home Medical have made, their delivery Thursday morning is one to remember.

Georgia Busey sure won't forget it.

"I'm so grateful and just overwhelmed,” Busey said while sitting in her motorized wheelchair outside her Kaysville home.

At 81 years old, Busey doesn't walk around as well as she used to. The ability for her to get in and out of her home easier is why workers installed a new aluminum ramp for her motorized wheelchair for free.

Busey never expected it.

"I just didn't really expect anybody to pay much attention to such a small problem," she said.

Sometime on March 10, most likely when she was away from her home near 100 East and 100 North, someone stole her 10-foot parallel aluminum ramps.

Busey called police.

"I wasn't looking for help. I just thought they might be able to recover the ramps,” she said.

Kaysville police opened a case to find who stole the ramps, which were valued at roughly $1,400. Officers also took donations to build Busey a new wooden ramp.

"I think all of us put our grandmothers in this situation, and we knew it was something she needed to have in her life,” said Kaysville police detective Mason Flint.

However, when the owner of Alpine Home Medical in Salt Lake City saw Busey's story on the news, he decided to donate a new ramp. In fact, Busey said many people contacted her wanting to help.

"The outpouring of concern and love has just been overwhelming,” she said.

Even though this case is resolved for Busey — she has a shiny new ramp — for police it's not resolved. Whoever stole the original ramp is still out there somewhere, and detectives want to find that person.

"Any leads would be great. I'd love to be able to talk to this person to see why they felt it was necessary to steal these from her,” Flint said.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to contact Flint at 801-497-7078 or mflint@kaysvillecity.com.

It's a question Busey would like the answer to, but right now she's more excited about the new ramp.

"It's really nice. I think it's nicer than the one I had,” she said with a laugh.

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