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8 pampering & beautifying spa treatments at a discount

SHARE 8 pampering & beautifying spa treatments at a discount

KSL Deals has collected eight deals from local spas and salons for next time you need to be pampered.


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Life moves at such a fast pace, and it is hard to get a moments rest with chores to do, errands to run, friends, family, pets, sports, work, cars, taxes, etc. Take a deep breath.

There is always going to be something else that has to get done, but taking a minute for yourself is needed in order to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Plan some time to let yourself get beautified, pampered and have a little peace with these eight deals. You'll feel refreshed and save some money at the same time.

Wrinkles be gone

With all your running around, you may have noticed worry, tired or age lines appearing. Don't let these little flaws bring you down with Gem Medical Spa. Discover Botox that improves the look of moderate lines and wrinkles and makes them smooth again. You'll love the care of the spa workers and quality of your treatment as you add years back onto your skin and pamper yourself just a bit. See the deal.


Photo credit: Gem Medical Spa

Silky smooth always

The idea of soft, smooth and hairless legs seems to be on everyone's minds, especially as the summer starts creeping up. Only there may be hesitation with the time, money and location that make it hard to commit. With Skin Science Institute, indulge in 18 months of laser hair removal that will give you silky skin on your most desired area. With two location options, you'll be ready for summer pool-dipping in no time. See the deal.


Photo credit: Skin Science Institute

Whitest bright

Your smile says a thousand different things. Being run down and grumpy won't show off your pearly whites, or semi-pearly whites. Absolutely Beautiful Spa & Wellness Center is the place to visit for a wonderful smile that is sure to brighten everyone's day especially your own. LED laser light technology whitens teeth to a more vibrant and beautiful white that is the perfect way to beautify your radiance. See the deal.


Photo credit: Absolutely Beautiful Spa & Wellness Center

Two is better than one

Sometimes more is better, and a choice is the best thing of all. At Massage Soleil and Petite Spa, enjoy experienced employees who are there to make sure your special day is incomparable. Take time to enjoy not just one service, but two services of either massages, facials or a combination of the two. You'll love coming out feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for your day. See the deal.


Photo credit: Massage Soleil and Petite Spa

No touchup necessary

Getting ready in the morning can be a pain sometimes, like when the eyeliner won't cooperate. With Celtic Queen Permanent Cosmetics, LLC, you won't have to worry about some of the details that make you beautiful. Get permanent makeup for your eyelids or eyebrows and make life a bit easier. See the deal.


Photo credit: Celtic Queen Permanent Cosmetics, LLC

Nail care

Downtown isn't just for working and fancy dining anymore, but for showing off your newly trimmed and colorful nails with Mid City Salon. With a courteous, friendly and professional staff, you'll enjoy a manicure and pedicure that is sure to please your nails as much as it pleases your checkbook. See the deal.


Photo credit: Mid City Salon

Lash blast

Lose the clunky mascara that causes dark smudges on your face with the slightest water or accidental eye itch. With Hair by Katie you can enhance your most enchanting asset with a full set of eyelash extensions. They'll volumize, dazzle, and show off the beautiful soul that shines through your eyes. As an extra bonus, you won't need to spend time curling, clopping on mascara, and separating your lashes to get the perfect look. See the deal.


Photo credit: Hair by Katie

Cleanse and hydrate

Your skin can be temperamental, especially on your face. It gets dry, ages, or becomes full of oil and dirt. Spa Janessa provides skincare that is ideal for helping pamper, renew and hydrate your skin, while reducing puffiness under your eyes. Relax with a microdermabrasion treatment for aging, a facial cleanse, soothing mask and hydrating eye treatment. It's the ultimate in splurging on oneself without emptying your pocketbook. See the deal.


Photo credit: Spa Janessa