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Corrupted by money

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Charles and David Koch, who own Koch Industries, an oil and gas business, have indicated that they will spend $400 million in the upcoming election promoting conservative candidates and negative ads against nonconservative candidates. They will be trying to buy less regulation (especially for the oil and gas industry), tax breaks for the rich, candidates who oppose unions, reduced environmental controls, etc.

Should any two people be able to have this much political power? Four hundred million dollars is the same as 8 million voters giving $50 each to candidates!

The average candidate must spend 65 percent of his or her time raising money to stay in office. It makes no sense to try to get $50 from us; it is much more efficient to call on someone like the Koch brothers, who will want favors in return.

Our political system is totally corrupted by money. This must be changed. The maximum donation per voter should be $2,500 for president, with lower amounts for other offices. Corporations must not be allowed to donate. We, the people, need to take back the control of our government so it is responsive to us!

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City