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Eagle Mountain mom also a professional MMA boxer

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Erica Grover plays the part of a stay-at-home super mom perfectly balancing the needs of her children, Ella, Mailee and Jonas

"I run and get my son from preschool, come back, find him lunch and try to shower," said Grover.

Her schedule revolves around snack time, craft time and nap time. On Sundays she leads the music at her local church. But several times a week, the mild-mannered mom transforms.

"She's a mom with three kids? Why would she want to do this?" Grover said with a laugh. "I'm a professional MMA fighter, which means that I compete in a cage with other women."

That's right, a professional. She actually gets paid to beat people up.

"You can knee them," she said. "You can elbow them, you can even slap them."

Almost anything goes. She's the only woman on the professional fight team at her training gym.

"I kind of feel like the mom here too."

A few weeks ago she had her first professional fight.

"It's the biggest adrenaline rush ever," she said with a big smile.

It's an adrenaline rush with a victory.

"I won, yes! In the first round. It was a TKO in two minutes in 32 seconds."

The stay-at-home mom who volunteers at her kids' school is schooling other women in the cage.

But the education she wants to pass on to her children is that nothing is out of reach.

"I really want them to know that it is OK. Anybody can do whatever they want as long as they try and put their mind to it."