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Letter: Live long and prosper

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Most people who even vaguely knew of the popular 1960s version of “Star Trek” were saddened to learn of the death of actor Leonard Nimoy. He died on Feb. 27 due to complications from COPD, which he attributed to years of smoking, although he gave up that habit years ago.

In his role in the science-fiction show, he portrayed a Vulcan alien and frequently pronounced the words: "May you live long and prosper."

Today's generation does not realize that an earlier actor from the 1800s named Joseph Jefferson portrayed Rip Van Winkle; Jefferson, in his performances, would do a “toast” with an improvised version of an old Irish blessing: "Here's to your health and your families, and may they live long and prosper." Jefferson's "toast" catapulted Nimoy to stardom.

James Marples