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Book review: Debut sci-fi novel 'Eruption' explores the dangers of technology

"ERUPTION" by Adrienne Quintana, Sweetwater Books, $16.99, 278 pages (f)

Author Adrienne Quintana weaves a web of intrigue and suspense in her debut novel, "Eruption."

Jace, a recent graduate of Stanford, has just landed a great job at Omnibus, a powerful tech firm that has cornered the market on modern electronics. Jace finds a discarded Omnibus tablet that she does not recognize as anything the company currently offers. On this mysterious tablet she finds pictures of an older version of herself and a message from her future self, warning of an approaching act of cyberterrorism that centers around Omnibus and Jace.

Jace seeks to unravel the mystery the tablet presents. She doesn’t know whom she can trust: her college friend Corey Stein; her dad, John Vega, with whom she has a rocky relationship, or Damien Trent, the son of the Omnibus CEO. She finds betrayal and intrigue around every corner. Just when Jace thinks she has the heroes and villains sorted out, she finds a new piece of information that turns everything on its head.

Quintana’s writing creates a great balance of tension to keep readers engaged. The potentially tricky subject of time travel is nicely handled and doesn’t present questions of the semantics of the process. It reads smoothly and adds to the story beautifully.

"Eruption" is a great read for those who can follow the different lines of intrigue and suspense; some might find it difficult to keep track of the various elements of the story that make it such a great read. Quintana also creates an emotional connection between Jace and readers, so they are invested in her well-being and happiness.

"Eruption" is a well-written first novel from Quintana, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There is no vulgar language or sexual situations. There is mildly described violence throughout the story.

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