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1 millionth record added to Jewish family database on FamilySearch

FamilySearch website
FamilySearch website
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SALT LAKE CITY — The Knowles Collection, a free online Jewish genealogy database, has recently reached its 1 millionth record milestone and is now easily searchable online through FamilySearch.

The collection started from scratch just over seven years ago with historical records gathered from FamilySearch’s collections. Now the majority of new contributions are coming from families and private archives worldwide, according to information from FamilySearch. The free collection can be accessed at

The databases from the Knowles Collection are unique as people are linked as families and the collection can be searched by name, giving researchers access to records of entire families. All records are sourced and show the people who donated the records so relatives can contact one another. New records are added continually, and the collection is growing by about 10,000 names per month from over 80 countries. Corrections are made as the need is found, and new links are added continually.

The Knowles Collection, which was founded by Todd Knowles, a Jewish genealogy specialist at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, has grown from Jews of the British Isles (now with 208,349 records), to Jews of North America (489,400), Jews of Europe (380,637), Jews of South America and the Caribbean (21,351), Jews of Africa, the Orient, and the Middle East (37,618), and the newest one, Jews of the Southern Pacific (21,518), according to FamilySearch. Knowles says that the easiest and best way to add records to the collection is contact him at