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59-year-old MacNeill to get parole hearing in 37 years

UTAH STATE PRISON — Martin MacNeill, who is serving a sentence of 15 years to life at the Utah State Prison for killing his wife, Michele MacNeill, in 2007, won't get his first parole hearing until he is 96 years old.

But even then, the likelihood of the former Utah County physician ever being released from prison is next to none.

MacNeill, 59, was sentenced last fall in 4th District Court to 15 years to life for killing his wife, one to 15 years in prison for obstruction of justice, and was ordered to serve the sentences consecutively, meaning he cannot begin serving time on one sentence until the first one is completed.

In addition, MacNeill was sentenced in an unrelated case to one to 15 years in prison for sexually abusing his daughter in 2007, three months after her mother's death. A judge ordered that sentence also be served consecutively with the other two.

In January, the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole quietly set MacNeill's original parole hearing for August 2052.

Michele MacNeill died in the bathtub of her Pleasant Grove home in 2007 following cosmetic surgery that was pushed on her by her husband.

Martin MacNeill forced her to continuously take prescription medication after the surgery. Prosecutors said MacNeill wanted to kill his wife to begin a new life with his mistress, Gypsy Willis.

MacNeill is currently appealing his conviction with the Utah Court of Appeals.

— Pat Reavy